Why the Emergency Plumber is Your Best Friend


It’s only when you’re in dire need of 24/7 plumbing services for Brisbane home or business that you realize just how valuable a service it really is. There are too many people out there who leave these things too late and end up regretting having to call a plumber like this. The thing is, the emergency plumber is actually your best friend in a crisis, and below are all the best reasons why that’s the case:

Reason 1: The Remove Clogs Where No One Else Can

Some clogs in your household plumbing are tame enough that you can tackle them yourself armed with just a plunger and a bit of determination and free time. Other blockages, however, call for more specialist tools, especially if what you’re experiencing is a sewage backup (more on that in Reason 3).

Sometimes blockages are well hidden and might only be revealed through the use of special CCTV robots that can actually travel into your drains and locate the source of a blockage without disturbing the plumbing. To find the trickiest clogs yourself you might find yourself ripping out your entire backyard as you search.

Reason 2: They Restore Hot Water

One of the more complex issues that an emergency plumber will deal with is your hot water, if and when it goes out. As it happens, having no hot water is classed as an emergency plumbing matter in Queensland. The other issue is that water heaters — especially gas heaters — have to be seen to by licensed professionals. When it comes to gas plumbing (more below), you don’t want to go messing around with DIY.

Calling up an emergency plumber will get the hot water flowing again and will ensure that your water heater has no worrisome problems in need of repair.

Reason 3: They Fix the Most Complex but Urgent Issues

Emergency plumbers are also great because you can call on them to come and fix some of the most complex and tricky problems to deal with, including things like slab leaks. These are a curious phenomenon, where water is leaking and running under the floor but you can’t immediately detect it other than by sensing the temperature difference on the floor where hot water is flowing, or possibly by hearing the water moving. At any rate, it can lead to serious damage, but can be stopped quickly by an emergency plumber.

Sewage backups are an equally urgent and serious matter. Above we talked about how emergency plumbers have the equipment to detect the source of the blockage. After that, they can take fast action and get the blockage moved as soon as possible. With the potential health risks surrounding backing up sewage, it’s critically important that plumbers are brought in immediately to deal with the issue.

Reason 4: They’ll Mend DIY Projects Gone Awry

If you’ve made an attempt to fix a plumbing issue that has ultimately made the situation worse, then you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have a skilled emergency plumber on hand to help out. For example, if in your search for a problematic pipe you accidentally spring a serious leak or break the pipe, you can end up with serious damage. The emergency plumber can put that, along with other issues, back in good order.

Reason 5: They Sure Up Your Gas Plumbing

Finally, the emergency plumber is the person who when it comes to gas plumbing will do more than just get the water heating running again, but also make sure that there are no leaks or other flaws in your general gas plumbing system. If you want real peace of mind at home, then the emergency plumber may well be the person who delivers that!

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