Why the VR Revolution in Videogaming isn’t Quite Here Yet


It seems like we have been waiting for the major breakthrough of virtual reality for over a decade. The VR revolution has been due to arrive for many years but has not arrived in the way many industry insiders predicted. Why is the VR revolution in videogaming not quite here yet?

VR Equipment

When the first generation of VR equipment was released, it was not comfortable to wear for any length of time. The thought of being thrust into a virtual reality world was hugely appealing but did the equipment deliver on those expectations? The answer is probably no, due to the bulkiness of the headsets, poor framerate, and resolution. However, the latest VR headsets have improved in many departments, including comfort, increased fields of view, higher framerates, and superior resolution. Despite those improvements, some things remain the same from the original equipment, including the bulky and awkward nature of the equipment when compared to regular gaming. There is no doubt VR is better than it was but there is still room for improvement and some gamers are playing a waiting game before they make the investment.

The Virtual World

There has been a lot of talk regarding Meta and the metaverse in recent times. This had led to some companies moving away from the creating of VR games and into other fields, such as exploring the planet and stepping into virtual stores and cafes. That can be a lot of fun and many users are enjoying the experience. Entering the world of virtual online casinos is one example and this is something that could be big for the iGaming industry. One of the latest additions to online casinos has been cryptocurrency and SpinBit is a fine example of a crypto casino. The next stage will be the introduction of virtual reality casinos, where players can walk inside the casino, see other players, choose a game, and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino environment. However, VR was initially created for playing video games and transforming us into the game world. It can be argued VR is currently at the stage of being a tech toy rather than a serious piece of gaming equipment and that could be one reason the VR revolution in videogaming is not quite here yet.

Powering Virtual Worlds

VR gaming needs to use a lot of power if the games are going to live up to expectations. 30FPS or 60FPS is acceptable for most video games but for VR gaming, that is not enough. The main feature of a VR game is full immersion into the gaming world and that means 90FPS at a minimum to explore worlds smoothly. The quality of the graphics is another sticking point because people do not want to be immersed in a world of blocks, like a game of Minecraft. If the graphics on display are not good enough, the player will not feel immersed in a real world. This is another problem that needs addressing if the VR revolution is finally going to happen.

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