Why Using the Wrong Nail Clipper can be a Problem for Your Pet

In our lifetime, we have all messed up with our nails. In most instances, it is an accidental mistake that leads to these pains. Clipping the nails with blunt nail clippers is one of the main reasons for having broken and poorly done nails. For the less hygienic people, they end up chewing their fingernails to make them even. We all have an idea how poorly done nails can cause damage starting with tearing clothes, scratching our bodies or also harming the nails more.

This is the same thing that every pet experiences when their nails are poorly clipped. However, we should all agree that the pets’ nails ought to be kept short and neat. This is because long nails may cause harm to human beings when they accidentally get scratched or the pet destroys clothing as they walk over. However, human beings find it beautiful rearing nails. However, never feel selfish in instances when that pet requires clipping. In case your dog is the active type, this gives you the more reason to clip the nails for health reasons. However, we need expertise when clipping nails.

Reasons Why Wrong Clippers Should be Avoided.

Pain and distress

People’s worst fears are having trembling hands and whimpering dogs. For some, they feel they are hurting their precious pooch. However, it is necessary that you overcome this kind of skittishness to give your dog a healthy life. Wrong nail clippers can cause a lot of distress in the dog’s life. To start with, in case the clipper is blunt, it may be a rough ride for the dog. This is because the nails are pulled along with the clipper thus causing hurt to the pet. The skin surrounding the nails may bleed in the process causing pain and moving problems.

Nails take a while to heal since a lot of pressure is always applied to them during walking, scratching or playing. This means that you will have caused a lot of discomfort in the pet for the next few days.

A bad clipper could also be infected. Let’s take the example of someone who uses a razor blade to cut nails. This blade may not be appropriate since it is not designed to cut through hardened objects. Pet owners already know that their pets have strong nails. Using a lighter object to clip the nails could break the object or destroy the nail, in the end, leading to ingrown nails after a while.

Additionally, this may split the nails causing a lot of pain to the pet. These cases may turn out to be severe and could only be attended to by veterinary officers. In the long run, the pet may withdrawal signs. For most of the time, the pet may cuddle for long hours in a secluded place to avoid coming into contact with the master since they fear another cut. This behavior could break the bond between the two parties. Having an unfriendly pet is the worst situation a pet lover could find themselves in.

Wrong clippers are not up to task

Dog clippers are designed for their nails since the manufacturers consider things like the hardness and shape of the nails (they are curved towards the end). Some of the commonly used clippers are the nail clippers and scissor –style trimmers.  For these kinds of scissors, they are very easy to use since they are more like ordinary scissors. However, they require frequent sharpening for a better effect. People are nevertheless used to discarding them since they are not familiar with sharpening. However, there are machines used to sharpen and are quite affordable. You don’t have to purchase a sharpener; people own such businesses and offer these services at a very low price.

Nail clippers are in the same class with other types of blades. The clippers are available in different sizes and shapes. However, the effectiveness of these nail clippers depends on the sharpness of the blades. Blunt blades can cause problems we have discussed above such as broken nails, broken nails, and excruciating pain.


As a pet owner, one ought to take it as a fundamental duty to cut nails immediately they start showing. This is of benefit both to the pet and the family. You can purchase a dog grooming kit at authentic dogs’ shops. Nails carry germs; we all want a germ-free environment, right? It’s your duty, therefore, to use the right nail clipper for your canine friend.