Why Vinyl is Making a Comeback

The 80s and 90s were perfect times to live. Not only were the decades radical, but they also brought with them styles, products, and trends that are worth rediscovering. Some of the retro products became obsolete, only to make comebacks years later.

In the mid-80s to early-90s, Vinyl records were an optimal way to enjoy the allure of music. People flocked stores in numbers to check out the latest releases. However, the early 2000s ushered a new era of tapes and CDs—a shift that would later make turntables outdated. Not so long, streaming and downloads took the mantle, making it even easier to access and listen to bangers and hits that shook the world.

Surprisingly though, the era of turntables is not yet over. In 2019 alone, sales on Vinyl records increased by about 490% for the first time in 33 years, almost outselling CDs.  If you are a vinyl enthusiast, check this home for vinyl records and record players site.

The question is, why the trend?

Vinyl as Vintage Art

Vintage products appeal to many people, not just for their retro-look, but also in the sense of individuality. In the home setting, vintage art adds a unique flair to fashion. It creates what is individual to you and that which makes you stand out.

A turntable is the heart of an imitative music lifestyle from the historical past. These devices are undeniably favorite to many people as a sign of rebellion against modern trends.

The general aesthetics of Vinyl make them transcend items anyone would choose for design value. They inspire while at the same time mixing modernism with the past to create a paradox of fashion.

Satisfying Nostalgia

There will always be people who prefer listening to old age music at the expense of current bangers. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Vintage tracks have souls to them, mainly when played on a vintage medium. There is more to turntables than just being an old-fashioned invention that rotates to produce sound.

Playing a record on a turntable brings the artists and long-forgotten youthful buzz to life. You can vividly recount the days and hours spent listening to the same artist with your friend or fiancé. Vinyl brew memories into one emotion and directly link to the past. It makes you feel at home and long to be back in certain places and times.

Vinyl Offers an Immersive Feeling

Whether you are streaming or enjoying your downloaded music on your cell phone, you tend to skip some tracks along the way. The song may not be engaging enough, or the artist is unfamiliar. Whichever the case, the reason behind why most people bounce up and down their playlist is hard to pin.

On the contrary, Turntables forces you to listen to the track of your choice to the end. You cannot skip to the next tune; neither can you forward the song. By so doing, you stand a better chance to enjoy an immersive experience. This way, you at least appreciate the artist behind the track.

Superb Audio Quality

There is no doubt that your favorite audio may sound better on Vinyl than on tapes or CDs. However, to better the quality, you must be sure to do proper settings on your sound systems.

First, start with experimenting with different turntables to land your custom-fit. Once you have landed something that answers your primary needs, you’ll soon find yourself hooked to the vinyl experience.


The fact that various artists are releasing songs on Vinyl tells one thing; these retro-media are here to stay. It will not be any surprise to see their sales go past CDs soon. History repeats itself, so are fashion and trends. Don’t consign old grooves to the garbage as they can be gems some days to come.