Why Visit Broken Bow OK in the Fall


Fall is the perfect time to plan a family reunion in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. There are so many fun activities to do that everyone can easily find something that interests them to do. The weather throughout the fall is usually beautiful and the trees often light up with gorgeous colors. Here are some fall activities to enjoy around Broken Bow.

Go on a Fall Drive

The trees are often beautiful in the area in the fall. The vast variety of trees growing in the region provides an amazing amount of variety. You will often see oak trees, Chinese pistache, elm, Kentucky coffeetree, soapberries, redbuds and others dressed in their annual colorful display. You may also find the opportunity to pick up black walnuts to eat during the winter months.

Tour the Beavers Bend State Park’s Forest Heritage Center Museum

Just a little north of Broken Bow, visitors can tour the Beavers Bend State Park’s Forest Heritage Center Museum. See 14 dioramas showing the history of the area that was painted by Harry Rossoll who painted the original Smokey Bear. Visitors can also see amazing chainsaw sculptures along with a display of antique woodworking tools. The center is also home to a large woodworking competition and a craft fair in the fall.

Go Fishing

October and November is often the perfect time to go fishing near Broken Bow. While the area boasts over 180 miles of shoreline and over 14,000 acres of some of the clearest water in Oklahoma, the best fishing often occurs near Broken Bow cabins with private fishing ponds stocked with bluegill, catfish and perch. Anglers can enjoy trolling in the area or fly fishing.

Take a Hike

Fall is the perfect time for going on a nature hike. Composed of seven smaller trails, the David Boren Hiking Trail is a great multi-use trail that mountain bikers share with hikers. The five-mile-long Skyline Trail offers terrific views of the entire area. Many hikers also enjoy hiking in Ouachita National Forest.

Going to Broken Bow in the fall is a fantastic experience. With so many fun activities, you better make your reservations and pack your bags very soon.

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