Why Visiting Cefalu Should Be On Your Bucket List


Italy in itself is one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit, of its cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, architecture, wonderful destinations, delicious local cuisine, and friendly hosts.

Therefore, it is understandable why many travelers have Italy on their bucket lists and want to explore all its unique and wonderful destinations.

Italy is rich in culture and beautiful architecture. From beautiful big cities to small towns along the coast, they will leave you breathless.

One of these cities is Cefalu, located in Sicily.

Cefalu history and facts

This small town has a little more than 14,000 inhabitants and is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the island.

Although the town is small, it attracts large numbers of tourists who visit this place every year in and out of season.

The city is positioned on the edge of the coast, next to the sea itself.

The very architecture of this small town will leave you in awe, the buildings are lined up and leaning on each other, painted in tones of pastel colors, and all the activity in the season takes place on the narrow streets.

What we would single out is that in Cefalu you can buy yourself local Sicilian wines, there are even small windows that are several hundred years old where they sell you wine in small narrow streets.

Although the city is small, it has destinations and sights that are must-see.

How to get to Cefalu?

All the smaller and coastal towns do not have airports nearby, so you will have to set aside some time to get to Cefalu.

This city is a 2-hour drive from the airport, but there are bus routes that run directly from the airport and depart every 30 minutes.

How to find accommodation in Cefalu?

Since this is a small town, wherever you stay, you won’t need to walk far to get to sights, restaurants, and the beach.

As a small coastal town, they don’t have much choice when it comes to hotels, but you have great alternatives to Airbnb accommodation and wonderful apartments and suites that you can rent.

Overnight prices start at 70 euros, so it depends on when you come and where the accommodation is located.

Some accommodations are located directly on the beach and you have a wonderful view of the sea, but also some are located in the city where you have wonderful views of the busy streets and architecture of the city.

Sights that are a must see

Although it is a small coastal town, it offers numerous sites of historical value that you must see, such as the old town, the harbor, Cefalu Cathedral, Cefalu beach, and Cefalu Castle.

There are also day trips organized by the tourist board from Cefalu to Palermo, Milazzo, Mount Etna National Park, and many others.

The old town of Cefalu

We recommend that you first visit the beautiful ancient city surrounded by walls, where thanks to the golden color in combination with the sun, you will be able to take wonderful photos.

And if you arrive early to avoid the crowd, you can enjoy the play of lights on Piazza del Duomo.

Cathedral of Cefalu

Cefalu Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings that was completed in 1240 and was built in the Norman style. You have special routes and tours and you can see the interior of the church.

According to the story, the king of Sicily at that time, Roger II, ended up on the coast of Cefalu after escaping from a storm.

Therefore, he decided to build a church in that place in gratitude, and everything else is history.

You can also enjoy coffee and ice cream with a view of the church, which gives a special atmosphere.

Cefalu beach

Unlike other beaches that have rocks and stones, this beach has white sand.

Along the length of the beach, there are various facilities, restaurants, shops, gift shops and cocktail bars.

You can bring your sunshades, towels, and drinks to the beach. Nearby you can also buy the famous gelato ice cream and cool off.

Cefalu Castle

The ruins of a beautiful castle as well as an archaeological park are located on top of the mountain.

To get to the castle you will have to walk a path over 270 m long and pay a small entrance fee.

The view from this place is incredible, and when the weather is clear and beautiful, the views reach very far.


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