Why Wax Melts are Better than Candles


Covering various odors in your home used to be done with candles or air sprays. However, more people are discovering wax melts and opting to use them instead. If they both make your house smell better, what are the benefits that wax melts offer that candles do not?

Flame Free

The first benefit that wax warmers offer is the fact they are flame-free. Candles are one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States, mainly occurring when they are left unattended. If you leave a warmer on overnight, there are minimal dangers. They run on electricity, and the heater warms only enough to melt the wax cubes placed on top. It is still not advised to leave warmers unattended, but the chances of them catching fire and damaging the home are negligible.

Burn Time Increased

The downside to candles is their burn time. Warmers only need a small amount of wax to freshen an entire room for hours. However, with a candle, you need to light the whole candle. Therefore, a 16-ounce candle will only provide enjoyment for about 80 hours, while 16-ounces of wax melts can provide up to 400 hours of fragrance. This increase in burn time makes melts a cheaper option in the long run. When comparing prices, make sure you are looking at the lifespan of the melt to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Fewer Toxins

Paraffin is a common ingredient used in traditional candles and often contains benzene. Melts use a soy-based wax which has less carcinogenic properties to it as it warms. Some candles are made from soy. However, they often cost more because they must be grown instead of produced in a lab. With that said, make sure you read the ingredients on the wax melts you purchase because some lower-quality products still rely on paraffin to cut costs. Click here to check out a fresh quality option for wax melts.

More Convenient

We live in a land of convenience. Consumers are willing to pay more if it makes their life easier. Wax warmers cater to this need by giving us a product that requires no matches, easy to store, and allowed in various spaces. With candles, you must worry about property damages from the flame and soot, as well as keeping track of your pets and/or children. The melts fit nicely in a small drawer, where they can be stored until you are ready to warm a small amount. The only concern you have with your pets is the consumption of raw wax with mixed scents.

Environmentally Friendly

Candles are often sold in glass jars. After you are done with the candle, you generally throw it away. With wax melts from Devon Wick, you can use one warmer and simply discard the melted wax when you are ready for a fresh batch. Glass takes hundreds of years to decompose, while wax can be recycled into other products. Most people see between four to six years of life with one warmer. However, many companies are now selling replacement heaters to extend the life even longer.

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