Why do we love the music of the 80s?

The current generation listen to music that has an excellent beat and catchy lyrics, but they don’t know the greatness of music from the 80s. Unlike today, people could understand what is being sung as most of the lyrics today are rhymed so fast that they are very difficult to understand. Singers in the 80s used to rely on om their singing talent while most singers today take help from electronic gadgets to ‘sing.’  

Let us have a look at some of the factors which make the 80s music the best and lovable.

  • During the 80s, people got to listen to all kinds of music, including Latin, Afro-pop as well as reggae. It was for the first time that the average answer of the listener’s favorite type was “all kinds.”
  • Rise of technology in the music industry. The recording quality improved drastically, which made the music more enjoyable. As there was no auto-tone during that time, so it was the singer’s original talent that was recorded. With the introduction of new technologies, music was getting more attention. 
  • When the topic of 80s music is brought up, we instantly think classics such as Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and a lot more 80s pop stars who made stellar contributions to the music industry in that decade.  The music that was included in the films during the 80s has truly changed the way movies are made.

Some great music of the 80s that is unbeatable

Opposites attract by Paula Abdul (1988)

Singer Paula Abdul shared her screen time with a cartoon cat named MC Skat Cat in her song ‘Opposites Attracts.’ It is one of the most popular songs of the late 80s featuring Abdul’s signature dance moves. Along with that, it is one of the best music videos of that era.

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

How can we not include Thriller in the list of the best music from the 80s? Thriller is the 6th studio album released by Michael Jackson. Jackson wanted to come up with an album where ‘every song was a killer’ and so turned his idea into reality. 

The album has got genres such as pop, post-disco, rock as well as funk. The album is closely associated with Halloween, which makes it the most influential music video ever.

Purple Rain by Prince

This music was the epic balled that reclaimed rock for black musicians. The song opens with a lone guitar quickly followed by the live drumming, which makes it an amazing composition. He named the song Purple Rain to illustrate blood in the sky – red and blue make purple. The song pertains to the end of the world and lets your faith guide you through it.

The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree is band’s best-selling album that won the ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Rock Performance’ at the 1987 Grammy Awards. It went platinum in the UK in just 48 hours and become the fastest-selling album ever.

The music is drawn from American and Irish roots following the counsel and influence of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Keith Richards. 

Graceland by Paul Simon

Graceland, by Paul Simon, continues to be amongst the most beloved and controversial albums in pop history. However, Paul has no regrets over the recording of his album despite the controversies.

Bottom line

Well, these are some of the great albums published during the 80s. But we cannot forget to mention albums such as Born in the U.S.A., Remain in the Light, Appetite for Destruction, etc. that left a significant impact on the youth of that era.

The 80s music is taken seriously as a time when legitimate art was being published and as a setting that provides a rich foundation for storytelling. 80s music was comprised of both factors. That period was the hottest one for breakthroughs and emerging talents. Here are more interesting facts of the 80s that you may also find interesting.