Why we should believe in astrology

There are so many things said and written about astrology. Opinions are divided about it. On one side you have skeptics and on the other side you have people who actually believe in the power of astrology.


Most people who do not believe in the telling powers of astrology are convinced that something can only be true if it is scientifically proven. That it is impossible, according to science, to state that the future is written in the stars and planets would have been established by several scientific experiments. According to people who believe in astrology, this is exactly where skeptics go wrong. The urge to test things through the lens of scientific experimentation is not appropriate for this form of divination. Contemporary astrology cannot be tested. At least, not in the form that scientists do. This is because in these so-called scientific experiments the perception of persons is excluded from the research. Certain conscious and unconscious perceptions and feelings cannot be measured.

The Mars-effect

There have also been investigations which speak in favor of astrology. Take for example the well-known study ‘The Mars-Effect’. Researcher Michel Guaqlin found out that a statistically significant number of award-winning athletes were born just after the culmination of Mars. In addition, there are more studies that tried to tease out such ‘coincidences’, with success. As coincidences increase, there is a good chance that they are no longer ‘coincidental’ but can instead be assumed to be true.

Experience it yourself

It’s easy to imagine that the various messages, proofs, and possibilities have left you doubting the authenticity of astrology. Fortunately, there are several accessible ways to get in touch with the supernatural. For example, take a look at a soulmate reading and receive all kinds of valuable information about your compatibility with your soulmates, based on the position of the planets. But also a free synastry report is an excellent way to get familiar with the powers of astrology. Based on birth charts, the nature of mutual relationships can be examined. How well do you match up with your partner? Or, for example, why don’t you and someone else get along well? From this report, too, you will get a tremendous amount of valuable information.

do not let them get to you

There will always be people who ask for proof. Although it is perfectly understandable that you really want to convince these people that astrology is not nonsense, you will always have a hard time in such a conversation. It is simply difficult to convince people who are looking for scientific evidence when there is only so little. However, don’t be fooled by the lack of evidence. Belief in astrology often makes people stronger and makes them realize better what certain relationships are worth. No one is going to take that away from you.