Why Weed Is the New Alcohol

For thousands of years, alcohol has been the primary substance used by humans to change their state of mind. From early wines made from fruits to beer made by ancient Egyptian slaves to the thousands and thousands of alcohol varieties found all over the world.

Today, however, we know the many ills of alcohol. Well, namely, alcoholism. It can cause numerous health issues, permanent damage to our brain cells, irreparable harm to our kidneys and liver, and just a mountain of health issues that can result from constant heavy drinking. This is without even touching any of the social issues that plague alcohol consumption and the effects of alcoholism on families.

It is not like scientists aren’t aware of such problems. Neither is the government. While the government’s reasons to declare the prohibition in the 1920s were based more on puritanical reasons than any evidence-based logic, we still saw the government at least attempt to stop the consumption of alcohol.

That was definitely a step too far and harsh, but it served only to increase the wealth and affluence of criminal organizations who were able to provide the ever-thirsty public with more alcohol. Seeing the results, the prohibition was lifted after some time.

Curtailing someone’s freedom to have a drink is not the way that one should go about stopping rampant alcohol abuse. No, perhaps the better way is to provide a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol. Drugs are obviously out of the question, and they can be far worse than even alcohol when abused.

The answer lies in weed.

Change in the Tides 

It might be surprising or perhaps not, depending on how old you are, to know that many young adults have already replaced most of their alcohol consumption with marijuana instead. The consumption of marijuana has seen slow but steady growth over the last decade. Where once weed was relegated to a college experience that only skaters and certain other cliques regularly partook in, it has no dominated the cultural landscape.

The reason for this change is because of the law. Where once cannabis was categorized with drugs like Meth and Cocaine, drugs with far worse effects than anything marijuana could ever achieve, that started to change.

With more research, there were calls to decriminalize and legalize weed across the country. This was because of research into its medical uses, especially in the form of CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil, a compound that makes up nearly 40% of the marijuana plant when extracted.

Even though recreational marijuana is still not legal across many countries, most states have allowed medical marijuana to be sold, and many others have decriminalized the possession of marijuana. It is much more widely accepted publicly than it was even just a few years ago.

Now, marijuana is no longer relegated to skater boys and snoop dog fans.  It is enjoyed by celebrities and people in business alike, opening a market for higher-end products like The Flower Pot Luxury CBD as well.