Why You Should Become a Medical Tourist in Turkey

Medical tourism is not a novel concept. It has been going on for more than decades. It’s a practice in which those who seek surgeries, dental or cosmetic procedures travel to other countries. By helping people save almost 50-60% of the costs of treatments in their home country, Turkey’s medical tourism will grow to bring more than $25 billion for the economy. This explains the growing trend of plastic surgery in Turkey

Why Choose Turkey for Your Medical Treatments? 

With its scenic historical sites and rich cultural heritage, this Republic attracted 51.9 million tourists in 2019 alone, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. The average expenditure per capita was $666. The subset of medical tourists has also risen in the past 10 years. From just 75,000 medical tourists in 2007, Turkey welcomed more than 700,000 in 2017 as the stats of Istanbul International Health Tourism Association show. 

People from Europe, Russia, Middle East, and North America have been travelling to this Eurasian county for affordable and excellent medical services. The government has been investing heavily in the healthcare sector to bring the hospitals up to par with European standards. 

The Geographical Advantage of Turkey

There are many reasons as to why Turkey is the top destination for medical tourism. It is also one of the most visited countries for medical treatments. Its avant-garde health facilities, highly-expert professionals, and advanced technological infrastructure may be behind these. However, you should not forget the geographical perfection of this country. 

Within a matter of hours, people from around 50 countries can reach the Turkish land. The embracing hospitality of this culture will make you feel like a part of it. It is more than popular for its multiculturalism as it straddles both Asia and Europe. You’ll find plenty of people here with visible signs of surgeries, but it’s all good because there’s nothing odd about it. 

Haven’t Heard Great Things About Medical Tourism? 

That’s definitely possible. When an industry is offering low prices, sometimes people don’t realise how low they can be. This can usually happen due to lack of research on your part. A news story once told that a clinic was offering an 80% discount to its patients. That alone should start ringing red alarms for anyone. No medical treatment is that cheap ever. It was poorly done, and the patients, rightfully, complained about the low standards. 

This is why you need to find out the right clinics. Find out the average prices of procedures and move from there. Also, remember that sometimes some businesses are trying to sabotage others for removing competition. They do this by posting fake reviews online. Try to check the account history in this case. 

You don’t need to worry, though. The Turkish government has stepped in with a lot of helpful laws and programs. Let’s take a look at these. 

How the Turkish Government is Improving its Health Sector 

In 2018, value-added tax (VAT) exemptions were made for non-resident foreigners (medical tourists) in Turkey who get treatment from an institute accredited by the Ministry of Health. Moreover, private investments have also helped improve the standards of hospitals. There’s a private-public partnership (PPP) model which has led to the establishment of state-of-the-art “City Hospitals” in the country. As the private sector builds, manages and funds hospitals, the public sector will look to improve things further. 

To help protect and aid the medical tourists a bill was passed in 2018 to develop International Health Services. It will play the role of a promoter and regulator. It assures safe standards and practices. This move was imperative as the country plans to increase its medical tourism revenues. It would not be possible if the patients receive sub-standard care.

Concluding Remarks 

The prices for simple dental treatments in countries such as the UK can be sky-high. The long wait times are another problem. They are certainly not in everyone’s budget, which is why many people experience deteriorating health. But with Turkey’s medical tourism industry, you will definitely find suitable and reasonable packages for yourself.