Why You Should Buy in Bulk From An Online Dispensary

Food products such as flour and oats, along with household items like paper towels and dish soap are things commonly bought in bulk in order to save money. 

Buying things in bulk from an online dispensary such as Online Dispensary Canada is a commonly used tactic employed by budget-savvy consumers, but have you ever thought about adding marijuana to that list?

Top Reasons To Purchase your Cannabis in Bulk:

Buying bulk cannabis makes it more affordable in the long run,

Saving money is something almost always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially in times like these. When you buy in bulk you end up paying less per unit. 

Every time you purchase a small amount of something you’re having to pay for the time and processing that goes into getting that singular product through the supply chain. When you buy a larger amount you are only having to pay into this process once instead of multiple times.

You’re less likely to run out,

One of the worst things that can happen to a stoner is opening their stash to find out they’ve used every last little bud up! 

Running out of medicine is something everyone wants to avoid, and when you purchase in larger amounts you will of course have more around, so next time you go to roll up you won’t find yourself having to make due with stems and crumbs.

It’s more environmentally friendly,

This one and our first point go hand in hand, everytime you purchase a small amount you’re having to pay for more packaging, which means we need to use more energy and resources. 

Bulk purchases guarantee less resources are used and thus less waste is created. Switching to buying in bulk can make a dramatic impact on your weekly waste and can encourage you to be more mindful about your overall consumption. 

Bulk goods also require less overall transportation because there are less packaging components that must be produced and transported around. Transporting products in bulk is more efficient because they can be packed more densely on trucks and in boxes as opposed to individually packaged items and this helps lower carbon emissions.

The more the merrier!

People crave security, and being able to open up your stashbox and see it teeming with big happy buds makes us feel safe and secure, like we are taken care of. Think of how nice it feels when you look into your fridge after a big haul from the grocery store! 

Having more results in less time and energy having to be spent on emergency runs and last-minute pit stops to the expensive government shops.

If you have ever wanted to do something that’s good for yourself and good for the planet, you might want to consider switching over to buying your cannabis in bulk. 

Online Dispensary Canada, also known as ODKushDaddy, has a multitude of strains that can be purchased in bulk, and you can learn more about these strains at www.online-dispensary.co