Why You Should Consider Switching Over to Online Casinos for the Perfect Gaming Experience

True gamblers don’t go to casinos for the drinks or the supposed glitz and glamour that casino environments offer. They go to casinos because, more often than not, that’s the only place where they can gamble and play games that they enjoy. Since most people don’t live in a city where there would even be a casino, to begin with, it is safe to assume that most dedicated gamblers do not live in a city where there’s a casino or where gambling would be legalized.

Then there’s the cost of going to casinos. Most would argue that the only cost is how much you would lose at the table but nothing could be farther from the truth. The biggest cost is probably going to be transportation where you’ll be flying or driving in from another city. Then there’s the hotel stay and if you’re in that atmosphere, you’re bound to order a few drinks and eat out at the end of the night. At the very least, you’re looking at a $1000 expense, other than whatever you may lose at the table.

With all the above it’s surprising that so many people still continue to opt for actual casinos with having to spend so much time and expense. There is an alternative for those who truly wish to experience gambling solely for the pleasure of the game; online casinos! Online casinos have been building their market for almost 20 years and are able to boast millions of users from around the globe. Even with so much popularity and usage, there is still room in the market for users and developers alike.

Today we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should consider switching over to online casinos. Reasons range from convenience to cost to the number of games you can play. Hopefully, we’ll make a believer out of you and offer you a better platform for your gaming and entertainment.


In actual casinos players often go to the cheapest tables just so they can enjoy the game without having to risk too much money. These people are genuine gamblers who enjoy the thrill of the game much more than the thrill of making a quick buck. Online casinos take a completely different approach. First off, you’re going to be able to make a free account with an online casino. Second, online casinos offer free games!

This is one of the biggest differences between actual casinos and online casinos. You can enjoy the game for what it is without having to risk any money. Considering that games like poker and blackjack make you analyze odds and calculate chances, there’s a certain level of engagement involved which satisfies most players. Why should these players always be forced to pay for a game that they wholesomely enjoy?

Physical casinos can’t accommodate such a service and it’s understandable. Considering the overhead costs that casinos have to incur including property maintenance, salaries, utilities, etc. these entities have a lot to take care of with bills that can run above a million dollars at some times. Offering free games and missing out on the chance of a paying customer is too much of a risk for casinos, which is ironic in a certain way.

Also, considering that you aren’t going to a different place and a different environment,  you won’t be spending money on transportation, hotel stays or dining out. This saves you a great amount of money and lets you enjoy the gambling experience.


Other than the cost involved in visiting a casino, there’s also the time and effort you have to spend. With online casinos, you just need to sign in to your account. Most online casinos offer their platform on mobile, tablet and PC which makes access varied and convenient. The only requirement is an internet connection and a compatible device and you’re able to play your favorite games.

You won’t be restricted by geographical constraints, which solves the problem of not having a casino in your city. You can play a round of poker on your mobile before going to bed or have a proper session of blackjack on your PC to unwind after work and it doesn’t matter where you live.


Yeah. For playing your favorite games you’ll be getting bonuses from the online casino itself. The bonuses can be in the form of the online casino matching your first deposit, giving a sign-up bonus, or giving a certain number of chips or spins for the amount of money you’ve deposited into your account. First deposit bonuses are where the online casino will match the amount you’ve put into your account, usually at 100%.

Another example is a casino like Playojo. For every £1 you deposit on your first deposit you get one free spin on their slots. The spins are capped at 50 and there is a minimum £10 deposit, but you’re going to find these restrictions with every online casino platform. Regardless of these caps and minimums, one can’t deny it’s still a much better deal than an actual casino would offer.


Actual casinos are quite large. The entire premises need to accommodate rooms, kitchens, restaurants, pools, parking areas, outdoor recreation areas, convention halls, and of course, the gambling area. Considering everything that needs to be accommodated into a limited amount of space, casinos need to be very specific and balanced with the games that they offer. Some casinos may not carry your favorite game because it’s not a big earner or because it’s not in demand really.

Online casinos don’t have that problem. With virtually unlimited space, these platforms can offer a wide and massive variety of games with some going upwards of 5000 games!  There’s a very big chance that you’ll find your favorite game, at your budget, or even free, when you use an online casino website like slotxo (สล็อต xo).


As you can see, in comparison to actual casinos, online casinos offer great value for money and truly pure and authentic gaming experience. If one wants to not risk their money, not spend an exorbitant amount of time and money traveling, and truly enjoy gambling, then online casinos may just be the right choice.