Why you should do well at school

All learning, whether at school, university or work, always requires the student’s attention and diligence. But it is not always easy for a child to realize how much learning at school or reading books can be useful in the future. And, of course, it is easy for every child (and adult) to find arguments against the need for diligent study.

It becomes all the more difficult to talk about the importance of learning and good grades when children see that both wealth and advancement often go to people who do not excel in their studies or in broadening their horizons by reading books or traveling, and sometimes do not suffer from any signs of intelligence at all. Moreover, everyone can think of an example of a person who is well-read, educated, and has excellent grades, but who could not get a job in his field, does not get a decent wage, or still has not found himself.

Another crowning argument of children of all generations is a variation of the following phrases: “I’ll never be a mathematician,” “why do I need physics and chemistry if I’ll spend my life dancing/singing/reading poetry?”, “Why do I need literature if I can already read?”, “who needs to study history in the days of Google and Wikipedia?” and so on. These are fair questions that can and should be answered. But the main question for this publication is what is the point of diligent learning in school?

Each of us may have our understanding and perception of success. But no matter what we think of \ success, be it money, fame, power, or worldwide recognition, everyone has one universal goal is to get through life to the end. So in this journey along the road of life, one can understand why it is really important for both children and adults to study well and diligently, to be erudite, to have a broad outlook and the widest possible luggage of knowledge.

Imagine that you are standing at the beginning of a road that leads to a huge cave. And you know that as soon as you enter that cave, you are instantly enveloped in darkness. That road diverges in many different directions. In some sections it becomes a narrow path, in others, it widens into a multi-lane highway, it may lead you to a swamp or a precipice. So our life is a road with a huge number of options for advancement, with a great variety of obstacles, problems, and frustrations that one may encounter. At the same time, it has stretched full of joy, self-confidence, and happiness. None of us knows what awaits around the corner and how quickly our path will lead to the finish line.

And at the same time, we have the opportunity to traverse that cave with the least losses, avoiding cliffs, swamps, and dangerous creatures, and arming ourselves with an incredibly powerful arsenal of knowledge.

Who has a better chance of overcoming all the dangers and difficulties that life poses in front of us and of reaching the goals along the way – the person who has to wander by foot or the one who has brought a map, flashlights, and the necessary tools with him? Learning and reading give a person all the resources they need to make their journey safer and more interesting.

It doesn’t mean that you should ask for help if you need it. For example, if you understand that writing is not your strong skill, then use write my essay and focus on something else.

The broader and deeper your knowledge, the more confident you will feel. Herein lies the answer to that great question, retold in various ways: “Why do I need math if I’m not going to be a mathlete?” or “Why do I need literature if I want to be a soccer player?”

The fact is that the school curriculum is simply the minimum of what an educated person should know today. To know less than what they give at school is to condemn yourself to a life in which there will always be doubts and complexes because you will not be able to maintain a conversation with a person or write a letter without the help of an editor. School gives you only your first contact with different sciences and disciplines – and how can you be sure that you will find your vocation or an interesting job at the age of 20 if already at 10 you have closed yourself to the whole range of professions related to math or history

And returning to our comparison to the road in the dark, why deprive yourself of a conventional lantern, map, and compass? A brilliant education and excellent grades do not guarantee you a great career, a happy life, or untold riches. This is true for Russia, Europe, the United States, and any other place on earth. But I assure you that a person with knowledge has much more opportunities to achieve any success no matter how he imagines it. And the most important thing is that your knowledge will always remain with you and will not only light your way, but it will allow you to become a support for your loved ones.

How? Here are some examples

Have you faced a moral dilemma along the way? Dostoevsky has already described them all.

You don’t know how to organize your day? Benjamin Franklin has the answer.

Do you want to travel and experience a foreign culture? Hello, Spanish/Russian, etc teacher.

Is your heart and soul yearning for a romantic experience? Pick up Leo Tolstoy off the shelf.

What if you want to build cars or airplanes? You can’t do that without physics.

Do you want to be a military leader? Is that possible without knowing the outcome of the battles of Thermopylae or Cannes?

Frankly, it’s the situation in which you have to be persuaded to study well. You have the opportunity to enrich yourself for decades to come. You will have the kind of assets and knowledge that will be useful to you, your friends, parents, and children.

And separately, it is worth addressing all those who are worried about the future of their country, region, or nation. History has proved more than once that wealth and prosperity can be achieved in different ways, but the only way to sustainable and stable prosperity of any country is through the general level of education of the people living in this or that territory. If you truly love your region, your culture, traditions, and people, you have no choice but to study hard and well. Only this factor will allow you to benefit both the people and the region.