Why You Should Protect Your Hearing at a Concert

Without any reasonable doubt, music is one of the best ways to relax, refresh and unwind after a long day. And what a better way to experience and enjoy your favorite song and tracks than attending live concerts and festivals! From pop and rock to jazz, country, and blues, live events are always fun.

While the high volumes of speakers, the ululations and cheers from the crowd are what makes a concert unforgettable, some of these loud noises may impose adverse hearing problems. Despite being overlooked by many, continuous exposure to loud music can lead to ear ringing after a concert or other severe hearing problems.

Also, know as tinnitus or hyperacusis, ear ringing is a hearing impairment that makes individuals experience the constant phantom noises even after the concert is over. You will try to bury yourself deep into the sheets in your dead silent bedroom, but the constant ringing will keep you awake during the night. According to research, more than 37% of hearing cases are caused by overexposure to loud noises.

Although the loudness in an event, maybe somehow entertaining, it is vitally crucial for revelers protect themselves from extreme sounds during live entertainment to avoid tinnitus.

Here A Few Tips to Help You Avoid Ear Ringing After A Concert

1. Put on some ear plugs

Instead of failing to show up for your favorite show or wishing that the DJ would be swayed to turn down the volume, you can stock on some earplugs. Since there are several types of plugs in the market, it is crucial that you select those that block loud noises but preserve the music quality. These tiny devices might not be popular, but they make a big difference.

2. Keep a safe distance from the stage and speakers

The adrenaline rush you get by staying near the stage or directly in front of the speaker is unmatched. However, it might elevate the chances of you having tinnitus. If you feel like the noise in a concert is overwhelming, or like you have lost some of your hearing, these are signs that you might be too close. The best thing is to step back to protect your ears.

3. Take intermittent breaks in between the event

A night of non-stop entertainment seems like ecstasy, but it also means that you expose your ears to extreme noises. If you want to relish every second of a concert while at the same time reduce incidences of ear ringing, make sure you take some minutes away from the event. The rule thumb is to make sure that you don’t spend more than an hour inside the concert hall or pavilion.

4. Always choose outdoor over indoor

Why You Should Protect Your Hearing at a Concert 2

Concerts held outside can be a little more gentle to your years since the sound moves in all directions and is not contained in a closed vacuum. If you have to choose, it is advisable that you go to events that are held outside.

No matter the type of events or festival that give you the desired adrenaline rush, protecting yourself from loud noises can help you stay safe as you dance to the beats of your favorite song. You don’t have to miss out your favorite show; select a great spot away from the stage and speakers, put on some earplugs, take breaks in between the concerts, and you can enjoy the moment of your life without any worries!