Why You Should Sell Branded Merchandise


Branded merchandise is a product/s that feature a brands name or logo. It’s often used to promote the company at conventions. At some stage, however, big brands such as YouTube and Google started making their branded merchandise available online and in their offices.

The world of business is very competitive today. We hear about new brands every year. To get known and make a profit, businesses have to discover creative methods of promoting their products and services and earning money from them. Branded merchandise is a great way of increasing sales and establishing brand identity, with companies like MxL Branded Merchandise making it easier than ever for a company to add branded merchandise to their marketing campaign.

Here are six reasons why branded merchandise is important for a business.


A business’ main objective is to make a profit. Compared to other advertising methods, such as billboards, radio, and television, branded merchandise is a cost-effective way of promoting a business. The more volume you purchase, the lower the product cost. Not only that, but the majority of branded merchandise boosts its cost per impression by using word of mouth techniques.

Immediate Brand Recognition

Every marketer’s main goal with each marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness. People who are aware of a brand can recognize it right away and are likely to purchase from the same brand. By giving away branded merchandise meant for daily use or for a longer period can help to gain maximum exposure. That way, the business’ customers will remember them for longer, and maybe even forever.

Brand Loyalty

Gaining new customers costs 6x more than retaining an existing one. Customer loyalty comes from company merchandise. Everyone loves getting something for nothing. And when that something is unexpected and useful, it provides a feeling of pleasure.

It Makes a Great Business Card

Business cards are a typical way of introducing a business to prospects. Promotional products, however, make a far more impressive introduction. Think about it this way: would you be more likely to accept a business card or a free custom mug or pen drive? And each time you use the mug or pen drive, you’ll be reminded of the company.

It Works as a Lead Generator

Lead generation is an important part of any business. Branded merchandise is undoubtedly a great way of increasing awareness of a brand, but it can also be used in lead generation. There are a lot of ways to capture leads, but if you’re struggling, you might want to try something slightly out of the box, such as branded merchandise.

Relationship Building

Customers are important to any business. In fact, a business’ expense is largely reliant on its potential customers, as they’re the ones who buy the products and services. Maintaining a customer relationship ranks among the most difficult and significant activities that a business is required to perform. By making your brand a part of your customer’s daily lives, you’re helping your relationship to build with them organically.

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