Why You Should Store Your Car in a Climate-Controlled Facility


Storing an expensive and beloved car in an uncontrolled environment can be a stressful experience. From extreme temperatures to harmful pests and rodents, the risks associated with storing your car in a poorly maintained facility can be too great to ignore. That’s why if you want to store your vehicle safely and securely, you should consider investing in a climate-controlled facility.

What is a Climate-Controlled Facility?

According to Autovault, a climate-controlled storage facility provides protection from the elements by regulating temperature and humidity levels within the unit. This ensures that your vehicle doesn’t suffer damage from things like extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and other pollutants in the air. Furthermore, these facilities are typically made of metal or concrete walls that provide increased security against theft or vandalism.

Advantages of Climate Control Storage

There are many advantages to storing your car in a climate-controlled facility:

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

The most important benefit of using climate control storage is that it protects against extreme temperatures. Controlling the temperature and humidity levels within the storage unit prevents premature wear on your vehicle caused by heat or cold weather conditions. This also ensures that paint and interior leather won’t crack due to fluctuating temperatures throughout the day.

Pest Protection

Another advantage of using climate-controlled storage is that it offers additional protection from pests such as mice and rats. By controlling the environment within the unit, you can reduce the chances of these animals entering your vehicle and causing damage to its interior or exterior components. Additionally, many facilities also use pest control measures such as traps inside their units which helps prevent any potential infestations before they become an issue.

Humidity Control

Humidity control is another essential feature of climate-controlled storage facilities because it prevents rust formation on metal parts of your vehicle such as exhaust systems or brake callipers. High humidity levels also encourage mould growth inside cars which can cause serious health issues for occupants as well as additional damage over time if not addressed quickly.

Security Features

Storing your car in a climate-controlled facility offers a range of security features that would otherwise be impossible to achieve without taking special measures. In addition to providing an ideal environment for preserving the condition of your vehicle, these facilities also offer peace of mind with their advanced security measures.

For starters, most climate-controlled storage facilities are equipped with 24/7 video surveillance and alarm systems that immediately alert local authorities if any suspicious activity is detected. They also often have secure entry points that are accessed through access codes or keypads, which allow only authorized personnel to enter the area. Moreover, many sites feature restricted visitor access, ensuring no unauthorized visitors can enter the premises.

These climate-controlled facilities may also provide additional security features such as perimeter fencing and motion detection lighting to discourage potential thieves from accessing the area. Furthermore, some locations also offer additional services such as on-site staff members who monitor the facility regularly and can quickly respond to any emergency situations if they arise.


Storing your car in a climate-controlled facility is one of the best ways to protect it against extreme temperatures, pests and other damaging elements while ensuring optimal security measures are taken into account at all times. With this type of protection available for relatively low costs per month compared to other options such as garages or traditional self-storage units, there really isn’t any reason not to invest in one for peace of mind!


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