Why you should switch to organic and natural shampoo and conditioner

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the market for natural shampoo. As of 2018, the market stood at $1.1 billion and it is projected to grow by 3.1% for now until 2025. Research shows that millennials are in the lead when it comes to the uptake of natural shampoos, as 40% of them prefer it over any other type. They also happen to be one of the most informed demographics when it comes to the matters of health, beauty and clean eating. However, even for non-millennials, there are plenty of reasons why everyone should consider switching to natural shampoo. Below are a few reasons why you should start using natural shampoo and hair conditioner. 

1. Your health

The incidence of cancer has increased significantly. While there is no singular reason for this, there is no denying that we are exposed to carcinogens at a level never experienced before in history. From microplastics, to waves from the devices we use, the risks are everywhere. As such, it is only rational to try and cut on the exposure whenever possible. One way to do it is to go natural on the things we eat and apply to our bodies. Most artificial shampoos and air conditioners are made of complex compounds that you may have no idea how they impact on your body. Sure, you may get shinier and healthier hair but that is where it ends, at the looks. Beyond that, you could be piling up chemicals in your body that could turn deadly in the long run.

2. Zero side effects

Natural shampoo and air conditioners are only made of natural materials. This means that no matter how much of it you use, there will be no negative effects on your skin or hair. The worst that can happen is for the product to fail in delivering what you expected. However, things are a little different for shampoos and air conditioners made of artificial materials. Such shampoos usually contain chemicals that might react negatively on you, and in some unfortunate cases, cause permanent damage. For instance, if you use a shampoo that has silicon and your body reacts negatively, you could experience breakouts all over your body. This is a risk not worth taking when the result that you expect from both natural and artificial products is the same, smooth skin and firm nice looking hair.

3. They are great at skin and hair nourishment 

Plant shampoos and hair conditioners contain ingredients that have immense benefits to your body. As such, the moment you start using them, you can expect a significant change in how you look, especially on your hair. The best part is that you are sure that the changes you experience are all from a natural process. For instance, natural shampoos trigger your body to undertake processes that lead to stronger hair. On the other hand, artificial conditioners have chemicals that may dry out the scalp and hurt you in the long run, especially when you quit the product.

4. You protect the environment 

The climate is changing, and humans have a lot to do with it. As such, it is the responsibility of everyone to salvage the situation. You are probably wondering how shampoo, affects the environment, right? Well, to understand it, you need to contextualize its use on a global scale. You are one out of millions of people using shampoo and hair conditioners at any one given time. When all these chemicals go down the drain, they end up in rivers and other water points. Since most chemicals are non-biodegradable, they put a strain on the environment, when combined with industrial chemicals from other sources. As such, if enough people can decide to shift to organic shampoo and hair products, it would be a huge step towards environmental conservation.

With all the above benefits, it makes sense for one to shift to organic shampoo and hair conditioners. The best part is that, there is a wide variety of these natural products in the market. A website like organic-looks.com offers lots of insights on the best products in the market. You will be spoilt for choice. Besides, there are no downsides to organic products. The only drawdown you will notice is that the shampoo might not lather too much as compared to the synthetic one. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. The lather you are used to is due to a reaction of chemicals in synthetic shampoos. With natural shampoos, you won’t get much lather, but if you scrub right, the effect is the same.