Why Your Baby Formula Matters


There is a long-held debate on whether there is a significant difference between breastmilk and baby formula.

While in any scenario it is always best to go as natural as possible, there is a range of factors that can contribute to making breastfeeding not the most viable option for you and your baby.

That is where baby formula really comes into play. It is a great alternative towards ensuring your baby is still getting the proper amounts of nutrients and is being nourished in a healthy and alternative way.

However, not all baby formulas are created equal. So when it comes to deciding what baby formula to use, understanding what ingredients are in that specific brand, how it’s made and all those other details really do matter.

So how do you know what baby formula to choose? Here are five tips to help you decide on the best baby formula.

1. Ensure there is enough protein

Premium baby formulas like Bobbie have focused on ensuring that they use only pure forms of protein with no additives mixed inside. Many baby formulas rely on using cow’s milk for a main source of protein, but it is important to ensure there are as minimal—if any—additives included as well. It is also important to ensure there is a natural amount of protein in the baby formula, as too much protein at a young age can lead to weight complications for babies as they continue to grow.

2. Research the brand

Not all baby formula brands are created equal, and this is crucial to remember! Some brands use cheap substitutes for real vitamins and minerals that are necessary for babies. That, in addition to the type of milk powder that is used. So before deciding which baby formula to give your little one, do some research for third-party reviews online, their ingredient list, and their general reputation amongst parents.

3. Keep it natural

Baby formulas should have as many natural ingredients as breastmilk. A great example of this is the combination of both probiotics and prebiotics.  Probiotics are literally good bacteria that help keep your baby stay regular, where prebiotics ensure that the good bacteria will be able to grow in your baby. Both are found in breastmilk and both are needed in baby formula to ensure your baby remains healthy.

4. Special formulas

Some babies need special formulas based on any existing health conditions they may be suffering from. This includes food allergies like being lactose intolerant, where cows’ milk will do more harm than good for them. Luckily, there are special formulas that use cow milk substitutes to the formula so your baby can still get all the benefits from baby formula. And if your baby does not suffer from allergies, there is no need to have them on a special formula!

5. Understand if it is organic

What is organic baby formula anyway? In short, it means that no chemicals have been used for the production of any ingredients found inside. This ranges from the food that was used to feed cows or the soils that nutrients were grown in. However, a truly organic baby formula follows a quality farm to fork process that ensures zero chemicals are involved throughout the entire process of creating the formula. So while researching the brand, check to see if they are truly organic—it is always better to feed your child substances that have as few chemicals as possible.

With these five tips, you are sure to find a quality baby formula that will keep your little one healthy, growing, and full of essential nutrients. Taking the time to understand what goes into a baby formula can make a world of difference for them in the long run—and your baby only deserves the best!

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