Why Your Cat Might Need Insurance


Can you remember the first time you brought your cat home? How was the feeling? Did you suddenly become worried about the emotions, health, and safety of your new companion?

Well, if you were keen enough, you observed that these felines reciprocate love, care, and devotion to those who care for them. And that they tend to hide signs and symptoms of sicknesses and show behavior that is sometimes hard to understand. To deal with such inconsistencies, there is a lot more to why your cat needs insurance.

Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

An insurance cover guarantees a sense of security. If you insure your small buddy, you rest assured of the best medical treatment in case of sickness or accidents.

From birth through to adulthood, your cat will fall sick severally, sometimes urgently. Some cases require the use of the latest diagnostic tools that add up costs. An insurance cover takes away the worry and guarantees real peace of mind, should anything happen.

Your Cat Can Eat Anything

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they eat anything ranging from red meat to veggies to baked treats. Unfortunately, instructing the small friend not to eat from the garbage can only make things worse. They may eat from them hence ending up ingesting lead and other poisonous substances.

Normally, you will know when the small feline is poisoned by signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

Cat poisoning occurs suddenly and quickly. With cat insurance, you can easily and affordably handle any case of poisoning without the need to extend the hands to your wallet.

A Chance to Cover Hereditary Conditions

Felines suffer from a range of hereditary conditions that demands time and money to treat. Common inherited disorders in cats include deafness, glycogen storage disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and blood group incompatibility.

To treat your cat of any of the disorders, you will need to do a genetic test. Most vet companies’ price feline genetic tests the same as the Ancestry DNA in humans. Meaning, you will part with a generous amount for the success of the whole process.

Experts recommend that you get your feline insured as early as possible. With an extensive cover, you will not need even a dime for testing and treating any hereditary condition.

The Missing Cat Cover

Have you ever thought of losing your family friend? Well, things happen; you can lose him in several ways. So, what next in the event that it happens? Are you going to secure another one, or you’ll embark on a search?

Most people offer rewards to incentivize people to search for lost cats. The amount can be anything ranging from few dollars to thousands of bucks. It all depends on the level of love and affection you have towards your buddy.

Severally companies offer insurance covers under the missing or lost pets. First, they make sure that the pet is identifiable. For example, they will microchip your small feline as it is legal under the law.

Secondly, they will adorn the pet with a unique collar with your name and address on it. If the beloved cat gets lost, the company will do the trailing and ensure it gets back safe.

Flexible Packages

You may be probably wondering if the pet covers cost both arm and foot. First, you have a range of packages to choose from, so you can be sure to meet something that suits your needs.

Popular packages come in the form of annual plans, deductibles, or reimbursement percentages for health services such as surgeries.  All these packages are budget-friendly and available at your disposal.

A Chance to Cover Third-party Liabilities

Cats use untrimmed claws to scratch floors, walls, carpets, and other pieces of art. In case you are not careful enough, yours can extend the damages to a third party hence holding you responsible for any cost incurred.

Covering your cat against accidental property damage can help you manage third-party liabilities. Whether it is a damaged door or a dropped antique vase, the insurance company will cover the cost anytime.


If you care for your cat, getting a pet insurance cover is an obligation that you need to revisit now. Should anything happen, your financial help is just a phone call away.


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