Why Your Videos Need Subtitles?

If you are from the media industry, or from film production services and other related industries, you must be aware of video subtitles and also closed captions. There is no doubt that video subtitling is a fast-growing business and the growth trend is likely to gather pace as the demand for video-based information grows in the coming years. However, not many are still aware of the need for subtitles. We are listing down some of the main reasons as to why it makes sense to have subtitles for your video.

Not Everyone Understands Or Speaks Your Language

While audios do add some clarity and interest to the viewers, we need to look at it from a different perspective. Not everybody understands the language that you speak or they also not be speaking the same language. In such a situation, having subtitles, preferably in the local language makes the videos that much more effective and acceptable to the viewers. Hence, this could be one of the main reasons to go in for subtitles or find out avenues to converts audio to text.

Not Everybody Can Hear The Audio

There is one more big reason to why there is a general tendency to shift from audios to videos. There could be many people who may have a hearing impairment and they may not be able to hear the audio’s play. Further, when traveling in crowded and noisy places, even high-quality audios may not be audible to the viewers. In such a situation, it always makes much better sense to go in for videos with subtitles. You also could look at software solutions that could interchange from audio to text and from video to text.

It keeps Viewers Engaged

Viewer engagement is extremely important in today’s highly competitive environment. With so many videos reaching the mailboxes and mobile phones of users and even prospective customers, the span of attention of the viewers is getting reduced quite significantly. In such situations, merely depending on an audio-visual form of viewing may not yield the best results. The viewers are likely to spend more time having a look at videos that come with subtitles either in English or the respective languages depending on the specific location.

You Can Reach A Wider Audience

Research has helped us to find out that caption and subtitles could help you to reach a wider audience. It could cross geographical boundaries and you can also reach to possible customers and viewers in many foreign countries. This is perhaps the reason why many large companies have decided to have videos with subtitles in different languages. There are readymade software services available that could help in converting audio into subtitles and text that are readable by the viewers of a specific country.

Captions Could Also Improve SEO

When you have more numbers of people viewing videos because of subtitles, the dwell time will also increase significantly. This will have a positive impact on the rankings. There will be increased social shares and it may appeal to more number of people. It helps in boosting visits and also brings down bounce rate.

How To Transcribe Video using Audext.com

We have a reasonably good understanding about the reasons for having subtitles for videos. Let us now try and find out how is it possible to transcribe video to text using Audext.

The process of transcribing videos Audext is quite easy and does not take too much of time. We are listing down some basics that may help you to in transcribing videos and adding subtitles to it.

  • You need to be logged in to the audext.com site. Once you are logged in, the next step is to upload your audio onto the Audext dashboard.

  • The next step is to activate the click button and send the audio stream to the Audext cloud editor.

  • This activates the timed-transcript and the subtitled get unloaded to your video project automatically.

  • You can make use of various Audext tools because they could help in reviewing and editing the results at any time convenient to you. This helps you to get the best possible subtitles. Once this is done you can export the final output in the file format that you are comfortable with.


We believe that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good insight into the various reasons for adding subtitles to your videos. If you have an audio-visual file, you also can make use of resources like Audext to have the audio part converted into subtitles to get the best results.