Why Youth Leadership Is So Important


When we were young, we learned how to make friends with fellow pupils, neighbours and friends. That was one of the first lessons learnt to being social and independent. Learning to relate to one another in various ways and this helped shape our identities. It made us decide who we wanted to be and the things we wanted to do.

We learned how to belong to a group and become valuable members of society. Eventually, this formed the community we grow up in and in turn, shaped the running of a nation. To have a society that is effectively run in future, it is essential to involve especially young people in leadership activities. Below I have listed a few reasons why youth leadership is essential nowadays.

Leadership Skills Ensure a Successful Future

It is well known that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It is also clear that the youth will be responsible for nearly all aspects of society in the future. They have the best ideas of initiatives and innovations but little guidance on how to execute them to fruition. This is why adolescents should develop skills in leadership, so the society is guaranteed a bright future of impactful initiatives and well-executed ideas.

Leadership Helps the Youth Realise Their Potential

Leadership is one of the key factors that differentiates an idea or potential from proper execution. Through efficacious leadership, youth can open new doors and access one’s fullest potential for not only themselves but for those around them as well.

Most modern companies and organisations are switching from the traditional cubicle strategy to get work done and are now adapting to place individuals in group settings where they are required to generate an idea and execute it from start to finish. In these settings, leadership is especially key to the success of the group. Otherwise, these ideas and valuable potential go to waste.

Leadership Enables Development of the Self Identity

Youth leadership is vital to develop the capability to develop oneself. Being able to lead the self develops what we know as independent thinking, confidence, autonomy, and decision making. This is important to begin building their social skills and to understand their place in the community.

Once there is self-leadership, the development of their identity is fully forming and are thus able to transition into group leadership. This is where they begin leading clubs and societies in school from which they begin to learn how to persuade, influence and listen to others. Leadership Influences Development of the Community

Once grown teens have mastered the elements of group leadership, they will move on to bigger things, which is to lead a community. The world is changing very fast. Older leaders may find it hard to cope with most of these changes because it demands a changing leadership role. This is why we need youth leaders who can be dynamic and will bring about positive change not only in the community but also the nation as a whole.


Youth leaders have exuberant energy to perform and inspire others to do the same through their acts. They are passionate about leading others toward a common goal. They can communicate this passion to others to drive them to join them in their acts as well. Teaching leadership skills to society’s youth is a fundamental part of ensuring positivity, success, and effective execution for the future. This is where we begin the real work of training future leaders to lead our country.

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