Will George R. R. Martin Include the Ice Dragon in his Books?


One of the greatest twists of HBO’s Game of Thrones series was when the Night King speared Viserion and converted Daenerys Targaryen’s beloved dragon into an icy reincarnation of its former self. The Night King then used the White Walker version of the beast to bring down the wall in a seriously epic scene.

The fantasy series famously played fast and loose with George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire source material, and the author himself has said that his books will differ greatly. The big question is: will he still include the zombified version of Viserion?

White Walker Dragon Was One of the Most Memorable Moments of Game of Thrones

The later seasons of Game of Thrones were subject to some harsh criticism and many people thought that they were rushed. There was a clear difference in quality when the series started going ‘off book’ following the betrayal of Jon Snow at the end of season five. That’s as far as Martin has got with his novels, so readers who haven’t watched HBO’s adaptation have been wondering about his fate for just over 11 years.

Despite the drop-off in critical acclaim, most fans could agree that the turning of Viserion into a member of the Night King’s army was an excellent touch. This event has lived long in the memory of popular culture and has influenced a lot of content in the gaming industry. For instance, there’s the Legend of the Ice Dragon APK for Android, along with the free online game Robot Ice Dragon.

In the slots market, players can play at the best real money online casino Canada and find Age of Ice Dragons among the list of slot games. The game will stand out to Game of Thrones fans, as it has a similar colour scheme to the White Walkers in the thumbnail. There are plenty of other games like Wild Scarabs and Barnstormer Bucks vying for players’ attention on the site, but this one is particularly popular.

Martin Has Admitted That his Series is Likely to Differ From Show

Martin hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinion on the way Game of Thrones concluded, and he has admitted that his upcoming books are likely to go in a wildly different direction. The American author is still working on The Winds of Winter, which will be followed by the final entry, a Dream of Spring.

In the book series, Martin still has access to several fan favourite characters that were mercilessly killed off in the series. These include key protagonists like Stannis Baratheon and Ser Barristan Selmy. Indeed, there is a high chance that Winds of Winter will fix what some viewers have described as the dumbest death in the history of the show – when Selmy met his pointless demise.

There are plenty of other aspects that Martin could change as well, such as the various plot holes that occurred during the battle with the White Walkers at Winterfell. The most likely thing to happen, though, is that the writer will provide a lot more explanation and background detail for certain events. For example, Daenerys’s descent into madness came from nowhere in the series and could be improved massively in the books.

As for the White Walker version of Viserion, this is likely to be one of the key plot points that Martin told the HBO showrunners about. It was a turning point for the Night King as it allowed him to get past the wall. That means it is almost certain to be a part of the books.

The problem for readers is that there is a high chance that Martin will never finish his series. He has spent more than 11 years writing the Winds of Winter and, if by some miracle he releases it this year and then spends the same amount of time working on the final book, he will be 85 when it hits shelves. Hopefully, he will finish the series in time, but readers should not be holding their breath.

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