Window Cleaning Mistakes

After coming to my new apartment last year, I got stuck in the middle of a dilemma. I had everything new in the apartment and was about to deal with everything along with my wife. So basically a few weeks passed and we saw that our windows had some stain and other materials on it. We decided to clean it as usual. But after some days, we saw the texture and quality of the windows to be different and much glossy than the usual one. It looked pretty unusual also.

But since I am pretty conscious about my activities, I researched some points about the defects. And guess what, my wife and I were about to do some huge critical mistakes while cleaning them. So followed some steps and got some critical factors about the consequences we faced. Today, I will tell you about the common mistakes we usually did while cleaning the windows and the ways we overcome it.

Most common window cleaning mistakes

1. Choosing the wrong equipment

My wife was about to clean the windows in our house as usual. She thought of using the most available thing to us as the cleaner. So she hit upon the plan of cleaning it with a chemical soaked newspaper. After a certain cleaning, we found out that certain printings from the newspaper was attached to the window. It became a huge tension for us and we eventually found the solution.

The windows that should be cleaned must be properly evaluated. The window is to be sprinkled with water to remove all the stains and materials on it and thus making it suitable for cleaning. The material that is to be cleaned has to be soft and of good texture. It is recommended to use soft clothes for this purpose. Necessary and recommended cleaning chemicals can be used.

2. Choosing the proper chemical solution

We generally used the normal water for the cleaning purpose. But after a few days, we saw some dirt spots on the glass. It generally occurred due to the normal water not removing the stain. As a result we had to come up with alternative solutions.

A proper solution is to be prepared for cleaning the windows. An ideal solution can 50% distilled vinegar (white) and 50% tap water. For extremely grimy glass, prewash with very soapy water and then go to the vinegar spray.

The vinegar is pretty much functional in case of removing the stains. The water functions as the proper way to make the dirt removed and getting all the usual expectations fulfilled. For that purpose, it is ideal to use the solution and then make the best cleaning experience of it.

3. Washing in the sunlights

As we were washing the windows in the day time, we had no idea about the influence of the sunlight and its demerits on the cleaning. As we cleaned the whole window, we hardly saw any changes that occurred to it. We looked up for it and found the way to overcome it.

As we apply the soap and other solutions in the liquid state, they generally tend to remain confined and make their usual effects on the windows. Thus, the solution has to be kept for a good amount of time to make its general effect on it.

But the influence of sunlight makes the thing go worse. It helps to dry the liquid and making the worst situation to the windows. The solution we generally applied doesn’t remain isolated there. It vaporizes and makes the solution null and useless. It is recommended to clean the windows when the sun doesn’t have any direct effect on the surface.

4. Cleaning the whole window at a time

The window we have was pretty large. Its area was huge and very spacious. So I decided to clean the whole window at once. But the result was not fruitful to us. We instead of cleaning the windows defected the texture of it. It was never a holistic idea to clean the window all at once.

The window having the whole and large area should not be cleaned at once. The solution or chemicals we usually apply gets isolated at certain places. It makes a great effect on the windows and damages the texture if it remains for a long time. When we apply the solution at a specific place and don’t clean it within the proper time, it makes a certain spot and defects on the surface.

For that, the windows should be cleaned in sections. After applying the solution at specific areas, we should clean it immediately before it gets more isolated than its estimated usual time. It will not only clean the area but also will keep the texture good and clear. It is recommended to apply the section-wise cleaning while cleaning the windows.

5. Creating various risks

A window is most usually made my glass materials nowadays. This glass can be very much handy and risky for us. Very dangerous and critical injuries might happen if the glass breaks and proper measures are not taken. For that, we must take some measures to make the things more safe and sound for us.

The most common thing to ensure is the safety of our hands. We usually use hands to clean the glasses. Any defect and broken part of the glass can cause a huge problem to our hands. Bleedings as well as serious injuries may occur through it. For that, we should keep the hands safe while doping the cleaning. We must wear protective gloves to prevent glasses from damaging our hands.

If the windows are at a high place, we should use ladders to reach it. A person should also be enacted to hold the ladders for a good and proper balance to the work. Again environmental safety should also be ensured. We must keep in mind that electrical accidents may also occur. It is recommended to clean while keeping the electric supplies turned off. 

Final words

After having a proper research and measures about our cleanings, we overcame the mistakes we made. It was some critical and effective mistakes that nearly damaged the whole texture and quality of the windows. Now we are going well following those steps and so far, the result we got is very much satisfied.