Winter-spring fashion 2021 – main trends

If the fashionable summer season was distinguished by bright colors, low necklines and bold outfits, the trends of the new season are more laconic. There is a worldwide trend towards minimalism, simplicity and convenience. All this has found expression in current outfits that are recommended to women of fashion for the cold season. We will tell you about the main novelties and share tips on how to revamp your closet.

Winter-spring fashion 2021 – outerwear

In winter-spring fashion, much attention is paid outerwear to jackets, coats, cardigans, raincoats. If you want to look stylish and a bit unusual, draw your focus toward fashionable windbreakers, which are suitable not only for sports, but even classic style. Our friends from Joy-pup told us which jackets will be in trend and what to take note of when choosing them. Visit the site and read the latest news in the field of fashion and beauty.

Fashion also devoted a lot of attention to cardigans. Long, voluminous models with chunky knit and openwork are in trend.

In women’s fall-winter fashion, a special place is given to a sleeveless close-fitting jacket. This item of clothing looks great on business ladies, but can also be used as everyday wear. You can create an even more beautiful image if you match the jacket with a belt, a neck handkerchief or a scarf.

Another outerwear trend is raincoats. Leather articles come first, but you can also choose other fabrics. Long models with large pockets and belts are relevant.

This season, you can pay attention to fashionable leather coats, which are complemented by fur, belts, patch pockets and voluminous sleeves. New trends lay down their own rules allowing us to stand out by choosing colored leathers. Such an outfit looks amazing!

Winter-spring trends - what should women wear

Winter-spring trends – what should women wear?

This fashion season has its own trends presented by the designers at their shows., We would like to highlight the following ones.

  • Bowknots and cutouts. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses, blouses, or sweatshirts with unusual and eye-catching cutouts. Black thin bowknots are also relevant, as they can help you create an elegant look.
  • Voluminous sleeves are in trend of the winter-spring fashion season 2021. But now they appear on outerwear as well.
  • Leggings are another trendy detail that is only suitable for bold girls.
  • Velours, latex and leather will be the best options for those who like to stand out.
  • Tartan pattern occupies pride of place in the winter-spring fashion 2021, as the main trend is precisely plaid clothing. Both large and small prints on trousers, skirts, dresses, and outerwear look good.

Winter-spring fashion 2021: relevant prints

Winter-spring fashion 2021 relevant prints

Talking about fashionable winter-spring women’s clothing, one can’t help but touch on the topic of prints. So, stylists offer the following color options:

  • floral;
  • tartan;
  • watercolor prints;
  • animal prints;
  • letters;
  • vertical stripes.

This fall, girls are meant to be elegant, classic and bold at the same time. Check out the recommendations and renew your wardrobe.