Women Health: Important Things to Know About Menopause


When a woman stops menstruating for 12 months in a row, it can signify menopause. This stage can occur at the age of 45 to 55. However, it can happen early or later than this range too. Usually, they start experiencing the symptoms four years from their last period, and these can last four years more after they stop getting a period. Sometimes, it can get prolonged too. In some cases, menopause can occur prematurely in 40 years old too. According to experts, genetics and ovary conditions can help assess it. 

Menopause symptoms

Sudden occurrence of menopause can lead to severe symptoms. It can impact different women differently. Some conditions can aggravate them, such as hysterectomy, cancer, and habits like smoking. The standard signals of Menopause include declined number of menstruation cycles, less or heavy flow than usual, night sweats, hot flashes, etc. There can be other signs, too, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, dryness of skin, mouth, and eyes, faster heartbeats, hair loss or thinning, unwanted hair growth, and so on.

The primary cause of menopause can be low levels of hormones like estrogen. Others can experience this due to surgeries or injuries. Since menopause can create complications like mood swings, weaker bones, lower metabolic rate, cataracts, dental problems, and more, it is advisable to consult your doctor on time.

Menopause treatment

Your doctor can recommend a blood test and other things to assess your health. If you don’t want your quality of life to get compromised due to severe symptoms, you must seek medical attention. Generally, hormone therapy works in this case. One of the prescription medicines for treatment can be Premarin tablets, which contain conjugated estrogens. The tablets can ease your discomfort caused by menopause. It can take care of sweating, hot flushes, and osteoporosis. Apart from this, it can also come in handy in helping the ovary to function correctly. So if your doctor recommends this, you can start its doses. 

Please don’t forget to check Premarin tablets price, though. Some online pharmacies sell them at a lower cost, helping people save money on medication. Anyway, Premarin can be helpful in many ways. It can reduce your menopausal symptoms and keep your bones healthy to prevent the risk of fractures. It can handle low estrogen levels and cancer pain too. However, you have to consume it the right way.

Some guidelines on Premarin consumption 

As mentioned, you must listen to your doctor’s suggestions. Sometimes, you take these tablets for a few days and then stop. Like others, these tablets can also have a few side effects. For example, you can face the issue of an upset stomach or nausea. People usually start feeling better after a few weeks of starting this medication. If you don’t find any change, you must consult your doctor again. Also, it would be best if you informed them about any symptoms that surfaced after the doses. It can be a severe headache, disturbed vision, etc.

These are only basic things. Menopause can throw your life out of gear if you don’t treat it. So don’t delay in taking the proper guidance from your doctor and maintaining your health.

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