Women’s Health: What Doctors Should a Woman See?

Throughout any woman’s different stages of life, she will need to change doctors and seek different kinds of healthcare. It would only be normal to require having a variety of doctors for varying health purposes. Knowing what kind of doctor to seek and in what stages of your life can be confusing. With the internet overflowing with contradicting information on women’s health it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what doctor you should be seeing.

There are several kinds of doctors that women should see regularly and it is crucial to know who to seek for primary care. So, if you’re wondering where to start, we have curated a guide to what kind of doctors every woman should see.

A Primary Care Provider

Primary care specialists are basically board-certified experts in family medicine and internal medicine. These practitioners offer women guidance and medical support throughout the entire life cycle. That provider becomes your main doctor and treats your general conditions. Some women might seek primary care doctors in clinics they frequently visit. If you live in Seattle, you’ll probably come across clinics that offer several services. Some Women’s health clinic in Seattle are known for their cosmetic services, while also serving women’s primary care. Your primary care provider should maintain your overall health and treat common infections such as colds and minor infections.

A Primary care provider will also handle all your questions and inquiries. They can help you figure out how you can improve your overall health, guide you towards taking certain screening tests, and give you the necessary treatments for your infections. If you have a history of certain diseases in the family, your Primary care provider would be aware and would guide you to maintain your lifestyle and health.

A Dentist

A Dentist

We all need to visit a dentist like https://www.thetopdentist.com/ on a regular basis to keep up with our dental health.  Medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, can greatly affect your oral health. That is why it is essential to have a dentist to follow up with to identify any common dental problems and get the treatment you need. If an oral infection is neglected, it can often lead to complications to your overall health such as inflammations. You should also seek a dentist every six months for regular cleaning and polishing. Remember to ask these experts what you can do to improve oral hygiene and how you can prevent cavities.  

A Gynecologist

It is crucial to visit a gynecologist several times in your life as a woman. Even if you do not plan on bearing children, seeking the help of someone who is specialized in a woman’s reproductive organs is a must to ensure your reproductive health is safe. Your first visit to this specialist should start between the age of 13 to 15, and your visits should be more frequent when you become an adult and if you are sexually active. A gynecologist may perform a pap smear or a pelvic exam to ensure you are healthy. However, before the age of 21, you will not get a Pap smear. Some women might even be comfortable enough to have their gynecologist as their primary care provider, especially if the doctor is experienced and well-trained.

Seeking a gynecologist can also help you figure out what kind of birth control you’ll be needing and what your body can handle. You can also ask them questions on sexually transmitted diseases or period pains

A Dermatologist


You will most probably not need a dermatologist before the age of 20. You will need to have a complete skin exam, in order to receive accurate advice and guidance towards the best aspects of skincare. These specialists will give you the right treatments for anti-aging and they will detect various skin conditions.  They can also help with eliminating the excess skin.

A dermatologist can also treat conditions related to your hair and nails. Depending on your type of skin, they will give the best treatments to prevent sun damage and allow you to further understand which products you should be using for your skin to keep it smooth and youthful.

A Gastroenterologist

The older we get as women, the more we need to consider seeing a gastroenterologist. This doctor specializes in conditions of the digestive tract and can treat your digestive symptoms. You will need to screen for colorectal cancer with a gastroenterologist as you age.

In order to live a healthy life, we should always strive to receive the best care for our overall health. Finding a primary care provider is the first thing to do to ensure receiving general medical and health support. Make sure to visit other specialists and providers to get the best medical advice to keep your health in check.