Wooden Hanger Manufacturers: 7 High-Quality Manufacturers


Hanging a jacket, shirt, or pair of pants can be anxiety-producing. You don’t want to damage that crisp new piece of clothing you spent so much time choosing, and you certainly don’t want to risk it getting snagged and ruined by a malfunctioning hanger.

If the task seems daunting, consider looking for a high-quality wooden hanger instead of your run-of-the-mill plastic or metal one. These types of hangers are made from wood and don’t have any sharp edges that could potentially cause damage to your clothing. High-quality wooden hangers are more durable than their cheaper counterparts and will last longer without cracking or splintering.

What is a Wooden Hanger?

Wooden hangers are highly sustainable, and come in many different forms and materials. Most wooden hangers available on the market today are made from wood. Some are made with a natural, unfinished wood exterior, and others are finished with a varnish or lacquer layer.

Some wooden hangers are made from hardwood like mahogany, walnut, or maple, while others are made from softwood like pine or cedar. The exterior material of a wooden hanger can also vary from natural wood to synthetic materials. Most wooden hangers are made with cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic materials.

Reviews of the Best Wooden Hangers

Reviews of the Best Wooden Hangers

Butler Luxury

Butler Luxury is the industry standard for high-end wooden hangers for the discerning buyer. These items are made by hand from the best woods and include non-slip padding, smooth curves, and durable construction.

Choose from the finest wood suit hangers, trouser hangers, and other deluxe clothing storage accessories.

Each hanger is crafted from Grade-A European beech wood, the best hanger material. This scratch-resistant, robust, and lightweight material is the key to the strength and beauty of the company’s luxury wooden hangers.

Proman Kascade wooden hangers

Proman Kascade wooden hangers

The Proman Kascade Hanger is an affordably-priced, timeless, versatile garment hanger style that is lightweight, slender, and constructed uniformly. Its continuously fine edge finishing, hooks for vertically chain-linking hangers, and solid construction set it apart from rival versions we evaluated. These multipurpose wooden hangers possess numerous handy features. For instance, they are sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest winter coats and jackets while supporting delicate straps. If you purchase a box, you will likely never need to purchase hangers again.

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers

We suggest the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers if you have limited closet space or delicate fabrics like silk or gauze that tend to slide off of conventional hangers. They are more adaptable and less likely to cause garments to stretch or wrinkle than other narrow hangers. While they do not have shoulder notches, the velvet flocking should be sufficient to hold most buttons and blouses in place. Moreover, they are available in shirts (no bottom bar) and suit designs.

Basic Walnut Wooden Hangers

Although thin velvet or plastic hangers take up less room, they may not be able to support the shoulders of heavier items or clothing with seams, such as suits and blazers.

There are three distinct types, so you may pick the one that best suits your needs. These shirt-specific wooden hangers will keep your button-downs neatly hung. Blouse hangers contain a slot to accommodate the straps of a blouse’s hanger and non-slip rubber grips to prevent the fabric from slipping. These wooden hangers are now available with ribbed bars for holding pants.

ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers

Unlike shirts and skirts, suits require considerable support to retain their structure and remain in place. Therefore, solid, bigger wooden hangers are suitable for the work. These ZOBER wooden hangers are available in a bundle of twenty and are crafted from varnished wood, so they won’t snag on threads or fabric. The rotating hook makes it simple to hang a garment over a door while getting dressed.

The hanger’s shoulder line is contoured, and some notches will help you hang dresses or other items with straps. The vinyl-coated bar is contoured to avoid wrinkles and keep pants in place.

The Birks Natural wooden hanger

The Birks Natural wooden hanger is a sturdy hanger made from wood. It is a solid wooden hanger ideal for hanging sweaters and jackets. This wooden hanger is made from 100% natural wood and is finished with a varnish or lacquer. This hanger is ideal for delicate fabrics like cashmere, silk, or wool.

The Birks Natural wooden hanger has a wooden hanger and a metal hook. This makes it easy to hang your clothing with the right spacing. The Birks Natural wooden hanger is made in the USA. The Birks Natural wooden hanger is stain and odor resistant. This makes it ideal for storing dirty clothes in your closet or dresser drawer.

Louis Philippe wooden hanger

The Louis Philippe Wooden hanger is a decorative wooden hanger finished with a varnish or lacquer. It is a decorative wooden hanger that is made from natural wood. This wooden hanger is more expensive than other wooden hangers but is more durable and resistant to splitting or cracking over time. This hanger is ideal for hanging pants, jackets, and sweaters.

The Louis Philippe Wooden hanger is made from softwood like pine or cedar, making it easy to hang your clothing with the right spacing.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The problem with shopping online is that you can’t evaluate the quality or usefulness of the items you’re considering until after you’ve made the purchase. Fortunately, we have conducted the necessary research and practical testing to help you make an informed decision. We hope we have helped you locate the items you need to arrange your closet.


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