Woodworking As Business: 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting


An entrepreneur that plunges into an unknown world only requires a passion for what he does, a willingness to learn more, and a positive mindset. Besides creativity and a love for woodworking you need to understand and have few things to successfully start a woodworking business. In this article we point out five most important aspects of starting a woodworking business which starts with a workshop and what tools you need.

5 Things You Must Know Before Starting

1. A Business Plan

This is a vital step in building a successful business. You must decide on the type and niche market as it is always a good idea to specialize. While it is excellent to be skilled in all carpentry aspects, placing your focus on specifics has more potential. A traditional business plan will suit a woodworking business which includes:

  1. a)   Executive summary – if you plan to get financing, you must include financial info as well as high-level growth plans. Your summary also includes location, employees, management information, your service, or product.
  2. b)   Company description – provide everything about your company, including competitive advantages and problems your industry would solve.
  3. c)     Market analysis – know your prospective competitors and research your industry and its market trends.
  4. d)   Product line – describe your service or what you sell.
  5. e)   Management – describe who will run your company and how it will be structured.
  6. f)     Sales and marketing – what is your strategy, how will you get and retain clients.
  7. g)   Funding – have a plan ready on how much funding you need, how you will be using it and the repayment will work.

2. A Marketing Plan

You need a good reputation to get clients which is something you may not have as yet. This means you must develop one which means your business needs branding. Your business name is a vital aspect of a marketing plan as it must contain two things. It must be memorable while potential customers will also associate your products with that name. Get a website, Facebook Page, business cards, and get active on social media. Constant Tweets about your business and powerful photos of your creativity on Instagram and other visual online media platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn. Keep your social media presence consistent and updated.

3.  Must-Have Woodworking Tools

Workbench – for workspace optimization you must have your woodworking tools in one space. While you probably consider building your workbench, you will find affordable, sturdy benches. Your choice would be between stationary and portable, but if budget is an issue, a stationary workbench is an affordable option.

Woodworking Router – to add intricate designs to your work and hollow out wood professionally, you need a woodworking routerOn the Router Workshop, a TV program that teaches you all about woodwork procedures and router usage, you can find useful tips how to how do woodworking routers work. Additionally, you can find more than 183 episods to get the best experience.

Circular Saw – you will need to cut wood planks into manageable sizes and as the name suggests, the saw has round blades which are how you get an accurate cut. Here too you can opt for a corded or cordless model. If you want flexibility, cordless is the way to go, but keep in mind that corded gives a better output. You get various types of blades for a circular saw including combination, crosscut, and ripping.

Jigsaw – you cannot get away with a saw alone when you want precise results for fine designs and patterns as well as geometric shapes. You will be able to take on a variety of projects when you invest in a jigsaw that is versatile as you can use it on other materials too.

Sander or Planer – your planks need a polished and finished look after your beautiful design is completed. Planers leave a smooth surface behind as it removes the upper layer of the wood. Sanders does a similar job, but unlike the blades of the planer that cuts the jagged edges, it scraps the surface.

You can follow a few good woodworking blogs and Youtube Channels to enhance your woodworking skills.

 4.  Woodworking Projects That Sells

Naturally, you have to start somewhere and see what hand-crafted projects sell better and faster, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  •       Picture Frames
  •       Fruit bowls
  •       Plant boxes
  •       Bespoke, hand-made furniture
  •       Wooden utensils
  •       Bird, Owl, and Tortoise Houses
  •       Coffee Mug Rack
  •       Carving Platters
  •       Dog beds
  •       Wine racks

5. Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Woodcrafts


Keep in mind that you don’t need a large or fancy workshop when you start your woodworking business. When you have enough space to work comfortably, have all your essential tools, business plan, and marketing in place, you can start selling online to grow your business. Keep your projects unique and keep customers happy as you will get a referral and repeat customers while building momentum for your business.

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