Working of Bitcoin Mining!


Bitcoin is an autonomous system of electronic cash, and it has no relation with traditional currencies. The major difference between traditional currencies and digital currencies like bitcoin is that digital currencies are decentralized and doesn’t involve any central authority to control or govern the system. Even without government and central entity involvement, it allows users to make transfers and purchase ideas from retailers. In bitcoin transactions, miners play a major role in processing the transactions as they invest time, money, and effort in solving complicated mathematical puzzles. You can trade bitcoin through

A miner who solves the computational puzzles first and adds transactions into the blockchain are rewarded with newly minted bitcoins. As of 2020, the value of a bitcoin is around $18000, which indicates that every miner who is successful in solving puzzles is rewarded with 6.25 bitcoins that are $100,000 worth of bitcoins. The bitcoin reward is provided for the efforts and investment of miners, but it is the process of mine new bitcoins and adding them into circulation. The supply of bitcoin is limited, and there are only 21 million bitcoins that could ever exist, and around 18.5 million bitcoins are currently in circulation.

Working on bitcoin mining

The mining process begins with blockchain. Blockchain is an online distributed public ledger that records all the bitcoin transactions in the bitcoin network. 1MB of transactions is bundled together into groups known as blocks, and one block is added to its previous block, which constitutes a chain known as the blockchain. The miners’ task is to solve the complicated mathematical problems to verify the bitcoin transactions, gather them into blocks, and further them into the blockchain. This entire process requires gigantic electric and computational power.

All the miners are given a time of 10 minutes to verify the transactions and add them into a block, and from the time miners solve problems and add them into the block by verifying the transactions, this completes the mining process. The miners are rewarded for their hard work and efforts, and the block reward was started from 50 bitcoins, but as of 2020, it has been halved down to 6.25 bitcoins.

The bitcoin mining reward is set to get halved every four years. This process of halving the reward is known as halving. In order to start with the mining process, there are various requirements that users need to follow to get started with.

Requirements to start with the bitcoin mining process

The complexity of mathematical puzzles depends on the number of transactions and the number of miners. The difficulty is adjusted as to mine a block. The mining process’s main goal is to maintain the time of 10 minutes required to solve a block of bitcoin. It’s been more than a decade since bitcoin is here, and the mining difficulty is adjusted according to bitcoins, but as of now, the mining difficulty is extremely great, and this is the reason why powerful hardware is required.

The most important equipment that is required to mine bitcoin is known as ASIC or application-specific integrated circuits. The miners require bitcoin mining software to join the network. The mining network isn’t expensive like hardware, and also, there is plenty of reliable software available that is for free. To estimate how lucrative the process of bitcoin mining is, miners must know all the expenses that include electricity, hardware, and software. The bitcoin network is highly volatile, and its price fluctuates a lot and therefore, to determine how profitable the bitcoin network is, it is important to consider all the expenses.

Is it possible to make money out of the mining process?

For many investors, bitcoin mining appears lucrative because the miners are rewarded with bitcoin, and also, one bitcoin is worth $18,000 as of 2020. In reality, there are a number of expenses on equipment, and the output is that miners are only left with only limited bitcoins. The profitability of the mining process depends on the electricity cost. If you want to choose to mine for money-making purposes, you can either change your location to find cheap electricity or find other ways to reduce the expenses.

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