You Can Enjoy the Best of 2021 Video Games With AvuloCard

Video game trends have a long way since the early days of Nintendo and Atari. Advancements in tech and software have made it possible to play games across several different devices ranging from PC consoles to mobile phones. One of the most appreciated improvements is games that are hosted online, allowing for multiple users to access a server at one time and join in cooperative gameplay. For friends that are separated by distance, it is still possible to virtually hang-out and play wingman or backup in the most popular video games of the year. Not sure what those games may be? Keep reading for a short introduction to what gamers are keeping their eye on in 2021.


Developed and published by Riot Games, this PC platform game has just been released and allows for multi-player in both co-op and competitive options. According to AvuloCard, League of Legends is a crowning glory for Riot Games, as it has been highly ranked as a multiplayer online battle arena title for several years. However, with Valorant, Riot Games seems to be moving to the first-person shooter genre. Players are able to move through team matches that work similar to a tactical shooting experience, but the roster of characters presents heroes that have unique attributes and abilities. The beta experience, which is currently on the market, presets a match where players must either plant or defuse a bomb. The game is slated to launch past the beta phase later this year.

Marvel’s Avengers

It only makes sense that the most popular movie franchise in history is making waves in the online games industry as well. Crystal Dynamics has developed an online four-player co-op game published by Eido Montreal across XBO, PS4. PC, and Google Stadia platforms. The Tomb Raider franchise is bringing a brand new Marvel experience where players control the various heroes from the Marvel franchise. According to the storyline that has been revealed, players find themselves in a world where The Avengers have just been shown to their new headquarters. When an accident causes the destruction of the headquarters and surrounding city, Earth decides to ban all heroes. A disbanded Avengers group may find that a new threat will require them to team up to save Earth once more. If you and your friends are total Marvel fans, you can use the services of AvoluCard to gift them this up-and-coming gaming experience. This way, you and your buddy can team up to save the world in the action-adventure.

Crossfire X

Published by Xbox Game Studios and developed by Smilegate, Crossfire is a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter game that got its start in Eastern markets back in 2007. It was a huge success, and Crossfire X was announced in 2019 for a move to Western markets with development for the Xbox One console. Players find themselves joining one of two mercenary corporations to fight for, either Global Risk or a terrorist-style group called the Black List. Players will be able to team up in a battle or fight against each other.

Chivalry 2

Torn Banner Studios, through the publishing help of Tripwire Interactive, will release a PC, competitive multiplayer sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The release has been published as occurring in 2020, but it launches as an exclusive for the Epic Games Store. In the improvements from the first edition, the number of players able to join in on the battlefield has been double to 64. Gamers will also be able to ride horses during the battle, making the clashing of swords with enemy forces more thrilling and chaotic. There is great anticipation for battle scenes to look and sound like the cinematic fights that attracted attention during the wildly popular HBO show Game of Thrones. Can’t wait for the release? Head on to AvuloCard to get a game card for another action-packed thriller while you wait.

Dying Light 2

Techland and Techland Publishing went minimalist with the naming of the Dying Light sequel, but the online four-player co-op edition for PC, XBO, and PS4 is far from simple. The game has made some slight changes, but still has the survival horror action intrigue of the first edition. Players make choices in the game world that lead to a variety of consequences. Players will still need to navigate through the world filled with hostile obstacles and zombies and use parkour to make it through the different factions. The game has been limited to four-player cooperative simply for the heavy reliance on choices, and the host retains the most control as the narrative progresses. Friends that join in play can bring their own weapons and upgrades, but the host makes the choices that propel the campaign. You can give your friends the gift of hosting their own campaign through the purchase of an AvuloCard gift card.


Outfitted for PS4, PC, and XBO, Outriders is an online co-op developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. It was first unveiled during the E3 2019 press conference, with the basics of the game putting players as scouts searching for resources and the potential for establishing life on an alien planet. The hostiles on the alien planet require battling, and as you fight your way through the aliens, you uncover the secrets of the planet and its inhabitants. Sound interesting? AvuloCard has the products you need to be able to get your copy once it is released.

Halo Infinite

Continuing in the popularity of the Halo Franchise, 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studies are getting ready to release a new installment of XBO and PC. With Halo Infinite, games are put into the role of Master Chief in a world where humanity has fallen. The world is set on a Halo ring, though game makers are remaining tight-lipped about their newest release. There is an expectation that the game will follow similar co-op and multiplayer options from earlier installments. If you haven’t made it through the franchise, AvuloCard makes it easy for you to purchase gamecards for your favorite platform.

As 2021 continues to slip by, gamers have a lot to look forward to in the area of new releases and trending games. By using AvuloCard, you can stock up on the game cards needed to be ready for your purchase.