You Can Get Great Activewear Leggings for Under $50

It is easy to overspend on compression tights for women or leggings when buying active wear but the fact is you can find them for under $50 and still get ones that are great for working out, or for looking good, or both! Whether you prefer shiny leggings, high-waisted leggings, something simple or something patterned, you just need to look around a little. Here are just a few examples.

Waffle Seamfree 7/8 Tight from Cotton On, $44.99

While the fabric is on the thicker side it is soft and the look is great. They do not fit super tight if you prefer something a little looser but they still hold everything in. They are good for sweat-wicking and doing workouts like Yoga, but in hot weather, that thickness can them harder to do a really full workout just because of the heat. They are high-waisted for those that prefer that style so no tugging down too low as you move into the next position. They are flattering to wear but there can be a little sagginess after 12 months or so. Good for wearing around the weekend, Yoga, going for a walk, and fine for workouts when the weather is cooler.

Power Essential Tights from Nike Women, $64

So while the retail price for these is a little over, you can find them on sale often for around $50. Nike is a trusted brand for sportswear for good reason. They fit very well with a drawstring waist that is comfortable with no cutting in. The dri-fit fabric, a trademark of Nike, holds everything in and has excellent sweat-wicking properties. You can work out hard in these from HIIT training, weights or something lighter and it works. There is no sliding around or having to pull them up now and then. You can stretch, lift and move around freely. Where them for comfort to hang around in or to work out in, these work.

Neon Colourblock Shiny Leggings from ASOS 4505, $44

These look great with their shiny fabric plus have some mesh details that add something different. Look great and bright heading out for a walk, lounging around or at the gym. The material is very light and it means while they are great for the weight room in the gym, they may move around a bit for a run or on the treadmill. They do not get heavy with sweat and if you want some shiny leggings that are good for going out in as well as working out in doing low-intensity training, these are a great choice.

Everyday 3/4 Leggings from Bonds, $39.99

If you are looking for leggings you never want to take off they are so soft and comfortable then these might the ones for you. They also are good at keeping you cool as you work out whether you are doing Yoga, Pilates or something more intense and they do not move around. They will not hold their shape perfectly for years, after a year or two there is a bit of loosening around the thighs and buttocks, but for their price, they are a good legging option.


Whether you are looking for shiny leggings to feel fabulous in, something to lift weights in, or just want to do some Yoga or veg out on the couch, there are leggings under $50 for your needs. Just do a shop around.