Your First Trek: How to Get Started With Hiking

Hiking is an incredible way to bond yourself with nature, while also catching up on some physical fitness and fun. It is something that can be done by walking on days with a backpack full of essentials. Through this, you can uncover the beauty of nature at your preferred pace. The best part: it is an activity that anyone can complete. Hiking can also be referred to as an amazing workout plan that can provide mental and physical benefits. This includes preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and reducing anxiety. Moreover, it is a scenic adventure that can be worth the while.

If you are a beginner, hiking can be something scary; especially when it involves a bit of a risk. This is why it can be important to go through a proper guide before deciding to embark on this journey. This is why it is essential to go through some proper online guide before deciding to embark on this journey. Hiking is a sport that can be fun and exciting.

 Below are a few steps that every beginner needs to follow if they want to make their hiking trip a safe and fun experience:

Getting Started

Choose your preferred hiking route

The first step is to choose an appropriate hiking route. You need to differentiate between difficult

routes and find the one that is easy for your first try. An easy hike route can take between 2-4 days to complete and is usually located on an easy walking terrain. The best part about an easy route is that it is easy on the legs and will not come with a lot of highs and lows. Once you feel comfortable, you can then proceed to more difficult journeys.

Do your research

Once your preferred terrain has been chosen, it is time to do thorough research. Read online blogs or ask experienced hikers about your chosen route. Chances are that you will get valuable tips on how to properly and safely hike it. It is also important to check the weather conditions. If it is too windy or there is a risk of upcoming rain, then you might want to consider rescheduling it.

Choose a certified hiking guide

Rather than going on this journey alone, it can be safer to have a tour guide come along. Choosing a good tour guide is essential as they can guide you through proper routes, give a good company and most of all, help you train for upcoming challenges.

Train yourself

Training and increasing your stamina is an important step before heading out in the wild. It is ideal to prepare yourself a month before you go hiking. However, it does not mean that you have to join expensive gyms or hire trainers. It means simple walking exercises.

Walking or jogging at least 7-10 km a day can help you build some physical strength and stamina. You will need this if you want to see the end of your hiking journey. Once you are comfortable with your walking exercises, you can then move to train your legs by doing simple squats, lunges, cycling, etc. This will ensure your leg muscles are ready for the hiking day.

hiker hiking sunrise outdoor sky

Get the right footwear for your trek

Purchasing a good pair of hiking shoes can greatly impact your journey in a good way. Make sure to always test them before the journey to see if they are waterproof and easy on your feet.

Get reliable travel insurance

Travel insurance is an essential factor when it comes to hiking. Accidents can happen at any time. With proper insurance, you do not have to pay a lot if you get hurt.

Pack your essentials

While packing light is good, including essentials is even more important. Remember, this trip can go on for days. Which is why you will need all your medical, clothing and hiking essentials.

You can pack a small First Aid Kit that can include personal medications. They include medication for high altitude sickness, vomiting, motion sickness, loose motions, fever, constipation and cold.

Eat healthy before you go

One more important step is to follow a healthy, balanced diet at least a week before your hiking trip. Avoid junk food and eat more protein and carbs. In addition, packing a lot of fruits will help you stay on the top of your game during the journey.

One last thing to consider is to have fun and not stress. Hiking is a fun sport that offers beautiful

surroundings of nature. Remember, your journey can only be successful if you enjoy your surroundings and worry less about other things. Another important tip is to not force your physical capabilities to catch up with other hikers. Take it slow and enjoy the journey.