Your Guide to Screen Doors


If you don’t know what screen doors are, they are doors that have a ‘fine netting,’ which is on the exterior of the ‘outside’ of your main door. They offer protection against small insects like flies etc. Basically, if you want to sit inside your house and want to see what’s going on outside or want to see your kids play, screen doors allow you to have the facility.

Security screen doors can help to provide you with an additional step of safety. When it comes to your house, the first thing intruders will do is try to tackle your door, which is why you need to invest accordingly in it. Security screen doors are the best way to protect you from that. They provide you with security, not only in the fact that you have to enter a ‘passcode’ to open them, but they are usually made of steel, which is the most challenging material to break. They have hinges that are ‘non-removable’; there is no way the intruders can break your hinges. The doors also have a robust and protective frame and design. When these doors are made, the one thing that the creators keep in mind is security. You can find numerous security screen doors in Adelaide.

A high-quality screen door will also help in energy efficiency. The sliding panel made of glass will play a part in cutting down ‘air leaks’, this means that the warm/cold air inside the house won’t easily be able to escape it. To loosely translate it, a screen door will increase energy efficiency.

A beneficial thing about these doors is that you can get ventilation without little mosquitos and flies bugging you. This will come in handy when tiny insects are roaming around here and there. If you want a little fresh air without opening any of your doors too wide, door runners are the best options.

Screen doors vs. Storm doors: What’s the difference?

Although not many know this, screen doors and storm doors are different. They’re not the same. As the name suggests, ‘screen’ doors are doors with a simple screen. However, different materials can be used in making the frame. On the other hand, storm doors are a little bit more complicated. They have more parts attached to them. Screen doors have a structure that surrounds the window of the screen.  Be sure to check out as a great option as well.

In storm doors, the glass panel on the door can be of different sizes. All of this depends on the view type of the door. Usually, storm doors have an additional feature of a locking handle set; this makes the door more secure. Usually, store doors use some strong material or a double pane glass surrounded by a wooden frame.

Basically, when it comes to the anatomy of the two doors, which is where they differ. However, both of them offer added security, ventilation, and many other benefits. They come in multiple designs, so you can easily choose one that compliments your house and style. All in all, if you want to look at nature from the comfort of your home, you should invest in a screen door or storm door, up to you.

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