Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Covid-19 Staycations

Staycations are a concept that has seen a wide rise in popularity during COVID-19. Staycations means to spend a holiday in your own home country rather than having to travel abroad. Most people aren’t familiar with their hometown’s attraction, so this is rather a better idea of taking a trip than flying off to a foreign country.

The reason why staycations have become so popular is that it is an easy way to take a break without having to travel too far or spend too much money. Plus, people get to know more about their town’s history and culture. Since the pandemic began, the world has shifted towards the ‘new normal’. While there is still some uncertainty towards international travels, staycations have raised an appetite for going on vacations. Making it among the biggest holiday trends presently.

A lot of vacations, weddings, and businesses have been canceled due to the Covid-19. Now, as the pandemic effect is starting to minimize, countries are slowly and cautiously ending the months of lockdowns. While people are looking for ways to return to a normal Covid-free life, the idea of taking a vacation to a destination not-so-far-away from home is the perfect image for chilling and relaxing with friends or family.

Hotels and resorts all around the world have also been promoting the idea of staycations so that they can generate some revenue during these tough times. And are also taking extensive steps of sanitation to eradicate the chances of being affected by the virus. With this precautionary step, you won’t have to worry about catching the virus.

Scotland is among the few countries that have reopened lockdown in many areas. You can choose the area that falls under the level 1 or level 2 category of lockdown and have minimal restrictions on their activities. Already being a tourist attraction, they have also opened a few luxury accommodations in Scotland for people to enjoy during these times.

So, if your country too has opened the lockdown and are lucky enough to get a chance to go on a staycation, this article will help you plan one.

Make a schedule

Most people have been learning and working from home during this pandemic. Leaving them very little time to organize a schedule for relaxing. So, before planning a staycation, make sure to get your assignments, office work and household chores done. Also, make sure your office knows about your “trip”, you don’t need interruptions while you’re away.

Spend time outdoors

With the physical distancing rules set out, basking in the sun at a beach or visiting a theme park isn’t possible right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time in a room.

Following the physical distancing guidelines, you can go on walks or hiking trips, fix a tent somewhere to watch the sunset or sunrise, or just cook delicious food and spend time with your friends or family in a nearby park. Being outdoors benefits physical and mental health, so make efforts to venture outside. You can do anything you wish, just make sure to follow the social distancing criteria by wearing a mask and staying away from public gatherings.

Buy some new outfits

Buying and planning outfits are among the best pre-vacation feelings. It gets you in the mood to prepare your mindset for getting away on a vacation.

Like most of us, you also may have been living in t-shirts and pajamas for the past few months. There must be a few outfits that you may have saved for occasions, bring them out of that closet and into the suitcase. And if you’ve got time, shop online.


Apart from maintaining your physical health, it’s extremely vital to recognize the ways to balance your mental and emotional health.

Yes, the virus is deadly, but so is mental depression. Being locked at home, away from the outer world can affect your state of mind. Meeting people, discovering places is an important part of human life, you can’t just drop it.

So, clear off a few dates from your calendar and plan yourself a staycation. You may end up having the best time of your life.