Zimpler Payments: Is it Worth to Try?

“Schysstare” meaning “to be honest” is the slogan of the Zimpler payment method. This service was created in 2012 in Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. At present, this modern payment option is available in the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Finland but it is planning to expand across Europe. Good news, the customers can now withdraw instantly with Zimpler to their bank account.

Zimpler is reputed for its efficiency and simplicity and is available via computer and mobile devices. Approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), this e-wallet service fights to offer a reliable and quick transaction to its customers. In contrast with PayPal casino sites not on Gamstop that do not exist, several casinos accept Zimpler so the question here is whether Zimpler payment is worth trying since it is convenient for the users.

Why to Use Zimpler?

Instant transactions

With Zimpler, the deposits are instantly credited to your account. Just open Zimpler official site or via the mobile app and follow the guidelines. A verification code will be sent to you and you have to enter it. Then, your new account money is ready for use. Since Zimpler is now a withdrawal payment solution, you can cash-out your money or your winnings easily and quickly. To withdraw with Zimpler, enter your phone number and will you receive the PIN code from Zimpler. Then, you just enter this PIN code and can cash-out to your account.

Safety and security

Security and confidentiality are paramount for customers who want to transfer money online. Zimpler places the maximum importance on security and privacy so that is the reason why it uses the high-end 256-bit encryption to all transactions. Besides, as mentioned earlier, the company is licensed by FSA meaning fair and honest transactions.

Easy registration process

Another benefit of using the Zimpler method is its simplicity when registering. As explained above, when you want to register at Zimpler, you just supply your mobile phone number and can deposit immediately. To link to your account, you will receive a message each time you use Zimpler. Therefore, your bank account details are not required.

Budget management

The users are able to manage their proper bankroll with Zimpler as there is an option that permits them to set their budget. They just contact Zimpler customer service through email and ask a budget limit on their account. This possibility to manage the customers’ spending makes this modern payment method different.

Payments via mobile

With the growth of mobile online casinos, the players opt for mobile payment solutions. Zimpler is optimized for mobile devices as well to satisfy its customers. The gamblers are, hence, able to transfer money safely with their phones at any time and anywhere.

Why to Avoid Zimpler?

Limited availability

Despite Zimpler offering many advantages to the players, only limited countries can have access to this payment service. As has already been said, Zimpler is only available in Sweden, UK, Finland, and Germany. This limited availability makes, unfortunately, this service less popular among the players. Nevertheless, the company is now planning to add other European countries.

Fee charge

Another drawback when choosing Zimpler is the fees that are charged by this firm. The services are not free since the customers have to pay a specific fee from 9 SEK to 49 SEK. In fact, the fee depends on the amount the players deposit to their casino account. The players are invited to register at casinos or gambling sites that charge lower fees.

Delay charge

Like everything, Zimpler has positive and negative sides and apart from the specific fees that the customers have to charge for their transaction and limited availability, there is also a penalty charge. Obviously, this charge is applied for late fee payment.


Zimpler is an excellent method for making a quick, secure, and simple online payment. The service is more improved and specifically launched to satisfy the customers. As its name suggests, Zimpler is created to provide a smooth service.

This Swedish-based e-wallet is accepted by many online casinos since it offers more than the customers expected. Although it is only accessible in limited locations, it is undeniable that Zimpler is one of the best online payment options in the casino due to its high efficiency. So, do you think that Zimpler can be your reliable payment method?