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4 Tips on Job Posting Wording

4 Tips on Job Posting Wording

Writing something that can immediately hold the attention of the reader is very difficult. When it comes to writing job posts, the task becomes even harder. Companies now have dedicated departments that help in marketing and making job posts. Free job posting sites with no credit card needed can also guide you at times regarding how to write the perfect job post. New and innovative methods are used to make the posts far-reaching and likable. Writing a job post for a recruitment directory using words that accentuate the position are necessary; the following are some of the proven tips to write an effective job post:

Keep it Simple

This is the most common mistake company’s make while posting for a job; they get the wrong idea that writing sophisticated words will get the post some extra attention.  The content should appeal to a wider audience, so keeping it simple might achieve that. This doesn’t mean the post has to be limited in information, be smart, and write posts that contain maximum information about the job and the company. If it is a technical job, you might use a few jargons in the post, otherwise use simple words understandable by all.

Keep it Short

It’s better to write a short post than a long and confusing one. If you don’t want to disclose a lot of information about the company or the job, then it’s better to write a job post that is short yet written in a way that attracts the right candidates. Avoid writing long posts as they are sure to be ignored and would not get the proper attention. Use catchphrases and analogies that make the post more emphatic. Use powerful headings or bold texts to emphasize a particular point or job description.

Make it Engaging

When writing a job post, always consider yourself a seller, as this will make the post more engaging. Always try and engage the targeted audience; this can be done either by starting your posts by asking a question or posting in a way that gives an impression of conversation between the company and the candidate. Learn new techniques in finding out ways to write posts that can hold the reader’s attention and keep them engaged.

Make it Diverse

Most of the job posts that we come across are not inclusive enough; with your job post and its words, you need to reach a wider audience. There shouldn’t be any phrase in your job posts that restricts your employee pool to a particular gender or a specific cast unless you have some strict requirements. Be honest and only sound inclusive if you really are. Diversity should be celebrated at workplaces, but if yours is not one of them, then be truthful about it.


How you write a job post has a significant impact on how many people apply for the job. If your job post is very restricting with jargons and complicated phrases, many people will refrain from applying as they will deem it a technical job. An ideal job post should be encouraging to the people; glamorizing your post might not always work in your favor.

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