Duran Duran – An Iconic 80s Pop Group

Duran Duran - An Iconic 80s Pop Group

Formed in Birmingham in 1978, Duran Duran is a new wave synthpop band that quickly grew from being alternative sensations to mainstream pop from 1982 to 1984. The band was considered to be a part of the New Romantics scene along with other bands such as Spandau Ballet, but Duran Duran decided … Read more

How MTV Revolutionized The World

August 1, 1981, a date that may not ring a bell to most people but serves as one of the most monumental dates for music fans in history. On that day, four decades ago, MTV (Music Television) broadcasted for the first time and soon revolutionized entertainment, the music industry, and pop culture … Read more

Guide to ‘80s Music

Music in the 1980s was all about image. When MTV became popular, the images that go together with the artists became more important than ever. When it came to music during the 1980s, nothing was modest, not the sound and not the fashion. The decade reflected the beginning of an era of … Read more

Guide to the ‘80s Impact on Pop Culture

The 1980s is the decade that saw major socioeconomic change due to advances in technology. This decade, for many people, is both awesome and horrible at the same time. If you grew up in the ‘80s, you know what a glorious time it was to be alive. But if you’re from a … Read more

The History of New Wave

It’s incredible to think that music comes in many styles and forms that appeal either to the broader audience or to a particular type of audience. Rock and pop music have branched out to different styles, including new wave. New wave emerged onto the music scene during the late 1970s and early … Read more

The Most Iconic 80s Music Videos

After the release of our favorite songs, another thing that most of us look forward to is their music videos. Music television is such a powerful tool that can make or break the careers of artists. And it was the 80s that made MTV the new jukebox for a whole new group … Read more

Classic Rock

When it comes to music genres, rock is one of the most popular. There are also many different types of rock music, such as country-rock, dance-rock, electronic rock, funk rock, and more. The genre dominated FM radio stations from the 1960s to the 1980s. In the present time, those music are grouped … Read more

Top 80s Boy Bands

It seems like ever since the Beatles became famous, almost every decade started to produce a special group of boys that perform pop music with perfectly blended voices and catchy tunes. Over the years, the concept of boy bands has evolved and it seems like every generation has its classics. Some of … Read more

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