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Best online tutoring platform jobs for beginner tutors

Best online tutoring platform jobs for beginner tutors

In Singapore these days the job market is highly competitive in their offers to private home tutors. To begin with the well preparation with the will to be a private home tutor, many graduates, diploma holders as well as A and O levels holders must know the latest syllabus that the Ministry of Education puts as a pre requisite for students to attain in order they can be qualified with a good pass in their examinations at all levels of their examinations.

Many tutors purchase past year examination papers from various top schools plus numerous neighbourhood schools that are popular among parents who enrol their children in these schools. There are many tutors who provide their own notes from exempts from the plentiful assessment books available in the market. All these make tutoring as a professional and renown job in Singapore. Many families for example even the lowest income families are setting aside a huge part of their total earned income to pay for their children tutor fees. Thus, tutoring as a home tutor is a highly lucrative and self-satisfying job because at the end of the day you reap a good student’s results for all efforts sown in and you get paid well too.

As the pandemic of covid is affecting the entire world, Singapore is no exception. Many face to face tuitions and classroom tutorial classes are facing strict restrictions to the rules and regulations set up in Singapore since 2020. During the circuit breaker period schools as well as home tuition classes are facing a new turn out :- many are giving online tuition instead of physical face to face tuitions. Online tutoring is a necessity for many households in Singapore now. Many home tuition teachers are learning this new method of technology to give online tuitions.

We need to have a good internet connection and a computer with a web cam or a digital pad to write on in the presentation of your slides through power point presentation and written workings well explained using a digital writing pad. These are investments to be accumulated for is well spent for this is the start of the preparation in giving online tutoring. In Singapore many tuition schools are offering classroom online zoom or skype tuition classes.

One good example a platform for many beginners to start with is champion tutors. Champion Tutors offer parents quality online tutoring sessions while recruiting tutors and training new tutors in this line of work to make sure their tutors are confident to offer good disruption free online tutoring.

Many tutors either go to the centres to use their online platform to reach out to classes after classes of students in tutoring the students all rounded academically. This makes learning an easier way in this pandemic situation a stable and consistent manner of learning to all students who have the ability to attain a reasonable computer to learn home based learning. In Singapore, government also helps those poor families who cannot afford a computer by assisting to loan them a computer in their home to learn their daily lessons and to do their homework submitted and marked with explanations given online well understood.

Many beginners new in this method of giving online tuition can easily approach champion tutors to train them to be smart to use online technology to begin their journey of giving online tutors. The tutors are well taught how to upload and download websites worksheets, to send pdf to their students and to send an invitation via zoom to their students. Champion Tiutors is one of the best online platforms for beginners learning to teach online successfully with self-fulfilment instead of giving face to face home tuition.

Now many tutors who are searching endlessly to teach online can end their search and to begin to approach the friendly Champion Tutors  to help them to teach either locally or internationally. To teach oversea students one need to take note of the time frame difference between other countries and the local time. One needs to know the syllabus taught overseas so that the competitive market will go a long way in its route to success. In conclusion, the best platform for beginners to start off with to give online tuition is with the Champion Tutors!

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