How Does Blockudoku Differ from Classic Sudoku?

Sudoku Puzzle

You’ve probably heard of Sudoku, a game loved by many for its challenging puzzles. It’s a classic brain game that has been around for a while, where you fill in numbers on a grid. But have you heard of Blockudoku? It’s a newer game, a twist on the original Sudoku, combining block … Read more

Navigating the Retro Arcade World of Q*bert

Remember Q*bert? Before the era of home gaming consoles, Q*bert was part of the arcade gaming craze of the ’80s, along with other classic franchises like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter. While not all arcade games stood the test of time, the quirky orange alien known for his occasional swearing is … Read more

Game Changers: Pioneering Moments in Video Game History

When it comes to video games, we have come a long way. You may have enjoyed black-and-white, pixelated games during your childhood, but now, games with high-definition graphics with realistic effects are the norm. In a few years, we might even achieve complete virtual reality! It’s fascinating to think that the beginnings … Read more

The Iconic World of Super Mario Brothers

The gaming industry as we know it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Nintendo. After the 1983 video game crash, Nintendo brought the home console scene back to life when it released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Mario Bros. in 1985. After over three decades, Super Mario is still famous among … Read more

Exploring the Classic Arcade Game: Galaga

While Pac-Man was Namco’s arcade legacy, they produced several extremely popular games during the era of coin-op arcades, including Galaga. As America was moving on from Pac-Man fever during the late 70s, Namco introduced Galaga. While it was not as financially successful as Pac-Man, it still got pretty popular. It has always … Read more

Learn About WonderSwan, A Japanese Handheld Game Console

Japan’s gaming industry has birthed numerous legends, and among them is the WonderSwan, a handheld gaming console introduced by Bandai. Crafted through the collaborative efforts of Gunpei Yokoi’s Koto Laboratory and Bandai, it holds the distinction of being the final hardware project shepherded by Yokoi before his passing in 1997. The year … Read more

Learn About the Atari Lynx – A Pioneering Handheld Game Console

In the annals of gaming history, the Atari Lynx stands as a remarkable milestone. Emerging from the corridors of Atari Corporation in September 1989 in North America, and subsequently in 1990 in Europe and Japan, this hybrid 8/16-bit fourth-generation handheld game console redefined the portable gaming experience. Notably, it etched its name … Read more

Learn About Game Boy – The Longest Running Video Game System

One name stands out as a true legend in the ever-evolving video gaming landscape: the Game Boy. This handheld gaming console, masterminded by Gunpei Yokoi of Nintendo Japan, holds the distinguished title of being the longest-running video game system in history. [1] Making its debut in the United States in 1991, it … Read more

Learn About Game Gear – A Fourth Generation Handheld Game Console

Introducing the Game Gear – a pivotal 8-bit fourth-generation handheld game console that left a lasting impact on the gaming scene. Sega unveiled this innovative device on October 6, 1990, in Japan, and it soon became a sensation, captivating gaming enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the Game Gear’s … Read more

Learn About Microvision, One Of The First Handheld Game Consoles 

The Microvision, also known as the Milton Bradley Microvision or MB Microvision—was a pioneering handheld game console that marked a revolutionary shift in gaming technology. This groundbreaking device, which hit the market in November 1979 at the retail price of $49.99, introduced the concept of interchangeable cartridges, making it one of the … Read more

Take a Deep Dive into the History of Handheld Game Consoles

Handheld game consoles have left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape, captivating generations of players and redefining the way we experience interactive entertainment. These portable gaming devices represent more than just technology; they embody a journey of innovation, nostalgia, and unbridled passion for gaming. For decades, handheld consoles have been a … Read more

Games that defined the 80’s

In the 1980s, video gaming underwent significant transformations. Yes, the 90s brought us the internet, which in turn brought us emails, online shopping and even free online slots games. But for me, the ’80s were the best. From the entire industry nosediving and nearly destroying itself, the arcade business grew faster than … Read more

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