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Chicken Farm Poultry Equipment: Animal-friendly and Innovative Solutions

Chicken Farm Poultry Equipment Animal-friendly and Innovative Solutions

Modern poultry farm businesses incorporate the long way of keeping poultry by providing necessary conditions, supplying with feed and water, cleaning the cage from litter, etc. The smaller the poultry is, the more efforts should be made to grow a healthy chicken. Find here online price details of companies selling chicken mash.

Moreover, the farmer is willing to increase production volume and, accordingly, receive a decent income. If you are interested in working on chicken and meat production, then a broiler is the best choice to breed. Some special equipment needs to be implemented to automatically support the broiler chicken life in a cage and supply with particular vital facilities.

Automation of processes greatly facilitates the work of service personnel, reduces costs per unit of product, and also guarantees the profitability of the industry. Naturally, it is possible to properly establish all technological processes using only well-thought-out and high-quality equipment.

Texha poultry equipment is a reflection of modern innovations in the specialized field and can be operated by both small farms and impressive poultry enterprises. The company is independently engaged in the development and creation of equipment, so it is fully adapted to domestic conditions and is able to work even under heavy loads.

It is possible with modern poultry equipment:

  • to minimize the influence of the human factor;
  • increase the level of productivity;
  • create a suitable microclimate for birds;
  • contribute to the improvement of the reproductive functions of birds;
  • minimize water costs;
  • automate all the necessary manipulations for broiler keeping;
  • focus on resource-saving feeding technologies;
  • keep birds clean and comfortable for them.

Unique Technologies in Chicken Farm Poultry Equipment

Poultry productivity is influenced by many factors: comfortable living conditions, the presence of comfortable shaded nests, constant access to food and water, a properly selected diet, vitamin supplements, protection against diseases and parasites, constant ambient temperature, air humidity, clean air without admixtures of gases and toxins, daily change of day and night, smooth transitions when changing lighting, suitable light spectrum, and others.

To create a full cycle for the production of poultry or eggs, a complex of equipment and infrastructure is required: equipment for parent stock, for replacement chicks, for broilers, for layers. And, of course, having the best chicken brooder box in your chicken farm poultry is a must-have requirement. Parents produce hatching eggs for the main herd and replacement chicks. Fertilized eggs are sent to the incubator, then the chickens form a new flock, or go to a replacement flock. The replacement one exists to replenish industrial herds with natural losses during the rearing process.

Different stages of poultry growth require different conditions to keep them. Specific goals of growing them also influence the way the farmer maintains poultry’s living environment. The high-tech solutions in poultry farm businesses are represented by the TEXHA company, which has native equipment designed alongside international partners. It offers chicken farm poultry equipment specifically to grow broiler chickens.

Additional facilities in chicken farm poultry equipment

This line of products includes two cage equipment: Automat and Robot. They might seem similar, but some features differ in the industrial process. The following advantages are equal to both cage equipment:

  • the belt-based litter removal;
  • KoChiBo feeder for broiler chicken;
  • efficient drinking system;
  • microclimate system with four subsystems: humidification/ cooling, ventilation, heating, automation;
  • favorable lighting system.

There is another one considered complicated in broiler chicken farming among the facilities mentioned above in Robot and Automat cage equipment. It is a poultry harvesting system. Robot and Automat involve this system but with some peculiarities.

The range of options is extremely large, but they the most popular solutions:

  • KoChiBo feeders with irregular shapes that allow chicks to access feed from an early day. Due to the deep seating of the movable plate, an even distribution of food is guaranteed. Thanks to the special shielding beams, very small chicks are prevented from entering the device. The feeder is made of resistant material, so it is easy to assemble, wash and clean without affecting aesthetics and practicality;
  • water treatment systems responsible for the volume of consumption and water purification. With this type of equipment, you don’t have to worry about solids entering the feed system and damaging the nipples. The presence of a mediciner allows, if necessary, to place a medicine or additives of a water-soluble plan in the drinker;
  • heat generators running on gas or diesel. These developments control the microclimate and emit an acceptable level of noise.

Also company presents the concept of multi-storey floor-standing poultry houses with Multifloor integrated life support systems. The floors represent an open area for poultry rearing with installed feeders and drinkers. The floor is made of mesh, metal or plastic, through which the waste products of the bird fall onto the dung removal belt.

The fluentconveyors.com offers an automatic conveyor system for manure removal that regularly cleans manure from the house and removes it from the building. The building is hermetically sealed, it maintains a constant temperature, humidity, and controls the amount of harmful gases and impurities in the atmosphere.

This is a fully automated closed poultry production cycle. Allows you to grow both broilers and layers, as well as parent and grandparent stock, as well as replacement chicks. Manufactures` products comply with international requirements for keeping farm animals and have quality certificates.

Peculiar implemented systems in chicken farm poultry equipment

Automated harvesting involves specially trained staff who manually take action to put chickens on the conveyor transported them to the slaughter shop. In a Robot cage, this process is managed by the floor opening system. Thus, it works automatically without labor force and less injury rate for broiler chickens.

Another time-consuming and complicated technological process implemented in chicken farm poultry equipment is the Rarefication system. This process also involves the service staff completing particular actions in poultry depopulation.

Therefore, the chicken farm poultry equipment produced by the mentioned company allows for automizing various degrees of chicken life support and various production capacities. In addition, the construction models are designed reliably and use high-quality materials.

“Texha” is one of the leading manufacturers of poultry equipment in the world. The company was founded in the early 2000s, with its own production, design and research center. The production is fully automated and robotized. All products fully comply with international requirements and standards.

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