How Delayed Injuries Affect Your Car Accident Claim


When an accident occurs, it is for sure known that the accident does end up causing a lot of injuries. The injuries that are visible right after the accident do come under observation by a lot of people. But there are some injuries that are called delayed injuries.

These can stay in your body and can show up after good time has passed since the accident occured. These are said to be very deceptive in nature. These are seen to be very severe in some cases, but a lot of times, these are not discovered at the right time, which can make it difficult to take them further in court.

A car accident lawyer always comes in to help when it comes to understanding delayed injuries.

Understanding Delayed Injuries

Delayed injuries are the kind of injuries that do not show any symptoms at first. These do show up after some time has passed.

These can be any kind of serious impairment or a very mild pain in any part of the body. If we look at whiplash, it can be felt when it occurs, but a lot of times, there are other pains associated with it that can be handled later.

Delayed Injuries and Claims

A lot of times, when an accident occurs, the victims are seen saying that they have dodged any kind of injuries, and they avoid taking matters to court. But when the delayed injuries make their appearance, the case gets complicated.

So, when it comes to compensation, there can be some issues observed. These can be:

Delay in the Diagnosis

Now, when the injuries are delayed, it means that the diagnosis of such injuries is also delayed. Now, after the accident, when the symptoms try to emerge, the victims are seen not taking them seriously.

Also, the victims are not getting medical attention for the injuries that show after days. This is then seen in making issues for them later. The insurance companies do make an issue and ask questions about such injuries. A lot of times, it’s the seriousness of the injury that is questioned.

A personal injury lawyer can help in such cases and can present valid evidence that can back up the claim.

Doubts of Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters can be really bad when it comes to doubting an injury. They get extremely skeptical and raise questions over the validity of the injury as it is reported later. They usually say that it is not a real injury as it has been reported later compared to the original injuries.

A lot of times, it is also questioned why the victim did not seek medical attention as soon as they got hit in the accident. All of these doubts can make it difficult for the victims to ask for a claim.

Statute of Limitation

The statute of limitation is the timeframe in which a claim must be filed. Now, this can vary depending on different cases. But when it comes to delayed injury cases, the victim may not realize his injury’s seriousness until the statute of limitations expires, which in turn could prevent him or her from seeking compensation.

So, the statute of limitation should also be taken care of while filing for claims.

Legal Intricacies

At the time of the legal proceedings, delayed injury claims can get really complex. Lawyers should work to get expert witnesses and collect evidence to demonstrate the relationship between the injuries caused by the accident.

This can take a lot of time and does have consequences that impact the claims.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

In order to deal with the insurance companies, one must stay prepared. Also, there must be extra care taken when it comes to delayed injuries.

So, the first step is to report the incident as soon as it occurs. Because often, insurance companies do ask for an immediate report of the accident. If you cannot do that, then there is a high chance that it is going to affect your compensation amount.

Getting medical attention as soon as the accident occurs is important. It can highlight the immediate injuries, which oftentimes are related to the later health issues that occur as delayed injuries.

Make sure to consult with an attorney that can help you get through the process easily. Also, your communication matters a lot as well, as words can matter a lot while negotiating with the insurance adjusters.


Talking to the insurance companies when it is time to get the claim is very difficult. These companies do think about profits first. So, with delayed injuries, it is not easy to make the insurance company believe. A lot of work has to be put in here in order to make sure that you get the claims that you deserve.

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