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How to Choose the Right Swimsuit based on your Body Shape?

How to Choose the Right Swimsuit based on your Body Shape

Are you shopping for a swimming suit? Maybe it’s time to lounge on the beach or take a dip in the pool? Choosing the right suit goes beyond color and brand. The most important thing is getting a swimsuit that flatters your body shape and type. You might put on a sexy swimsuit but it won’t look good on you because it’s for a shape other than yours. To avoid such disasters, let’s find out how to choose the right swimsuit based on your body shape.

Best Swimsuit for Full Bust

If you have a full bust, you should choose a swimsuit with adjustable straps and an underwire. It is also important for the suit to come with a piece of extra fabric at the side of the bust to hold it firmly in place in a flattering manner.

Best swimsuit for Small Bust

The best swimsuit is one that has paddings or molded bras to enhance the bust and give it a natural look.

Pleats and ruffles also look great for people with small busts, as well as having prints all over because it adds the needed volume to your chest area.

Best Swimsuit for a Petite Shape

What if you’re petite? Enhance your shape and add details to your slim hips with hipster pants and frills. Accentuate your waist with a spunky one-piece or choose a high-waist pant if you’re blessed with a long torso. Draw attention to your shoulders and cleavage with padded halter tops and bras. Add shades and a hat, and you’re great to go.

Best Swimsuit for a Full-Figured Shape

One of the best swimsuits for you is a one-piece that flatters your leg line and accentuates your bust. This is because the suit slims down across your tummy and hips, allowing your full figure to be on display.

If you have some tummy fat you’d like to hide, an A-line singlet works great to hide the stomach. If you’d rather choose a singlet top, choose singlets with a ruching to cover your stomach area and a high-waist pant to improve the hip and leg appearance.

Best Swimsuit for a Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape body, your best options are halter tops or printed singlets, as well as plain pants that draw attention away from the hip area and focus on the top. Skirted and boyleg pants are also great. If you want a one-piece, then you should get one that has a shaping at the bust and flatters your legs.

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