How To Fill the Empty Corners of Your Home?


Empty corners in your home can look awkward and irritating since you cannot find something that perfectly covers the empty space. Empty corners are everywhere in a house, from the living room to the bedroom to your guestroom, they are everywhere. The good news is that you can fill these empty spaces without cluttering them. Greenery is one way of taking care of empty spaces, while adding lamps is another. So let’s take a look at some innovative ideas to help you get rid of those awkward spaces. 

Dealing With Empty Corners without Creating Clutter

Empty Corners- Include Additional Seating


One of the most efficient and effective ways to get rid of empty corners is to include additional seating, especially if you have empty bedroom corners. However, you have to consider the size of your room along with the built-in wardrobes. If you wish to avoid empty corners, think and map out what furniture you will place and where. As a result, you might want to think about alternatives if you still come across empty corners. 

For instance, if you have an empty corner near the window, you can add an armchair that holds your regular everyday clothes and keeps you comfortable while reading. If possible, adding a mini-table might help too. 

Corner Walls


When it comes to filling empty spaces, it is not all about adding things that occupy the floor space. Instead, you should consider the significance of walls and window treatments that effectively manage empty corners. If you are dealing with the empty bedroom corners, you can extend the headboard to the point where it meets the edges. As a result, almost the entire wall behind the bed will be aesthetically covered, leaving no room for empty corners. 

If you were to add anything else, the area would feel and look cluttered and congested. Additionally, the headboard extension will not work if the bed edges are too far away from the room’s corners. It will simply look out of proportion. Another way of dealing with empty corner walls is hanging or positioning your favorite art pieces such as a painting or sculpture. Such things attract attention as soon as someone walks into the room. Plus, try to use the neighboring corner walls to highlight the relation between the artwork.

Larger Living Room Corners-Include An Extra Furniture Arrangement


Living room corners as compared to other empty corners in your home tend to be bigger. Therefore, you have relatively more furniture options to choose from. If you have already mapped out the sitting layout of the room and there is still an empty corner, you can fill it by adding a single chair or side table. If the empty corner tends to be small, you can put a table with a lamp or vase. 

On the other hand, if you are thinking of redefining your layout each year, consider zoning the furniture away to fill empty corners beforehand. This gives you a better opportunity to plan the furniture layout having covered the empty corners already. 

Twin Bedside Tables for Smaller Bedroom Corners

Smaller empty spaces leave you with a few options. If that is the case with your bedroom, you can opt for matching bedside tables on either side of the bed to give it a natural feel. However, you should not be adding anything else since the empty space is already small and you wouldn’t want to force things. 

The bedside tables can be used to store important things and you can always place a lamp for additional light. Plus, make sure that the tables are pushed to the wall to make contact. 

Corner Window Dressing

Most homeowners prefer installing curtains or shutters to the point where the window ends. You need to break this tradition and install the curtains from one corner to the other even if the window ends sooner. It is similar to the idea of extending the headboard cover. And since you already have a window installed, it will add more texture to the empty corner. 

Additionally, you can create a cozy reading area as well. You can add an armchair to sit and relax while reading a book but you need to make the area comfortable. Adding a metallic luster paint effect with coordinate seat cushions is going to give the area a seductive hideaway vibe. If you intend to use the area for reading, keep the light dim and soft. And if the armchair does not work, lay down a velvet-type mattress to differentiate.

Empty Floor Corners

Empty floor corners are perhaps the easiest to fill. Although bedside lamps and wall scones etc. play a crucial role in lighting up the room’s important areas, but floor lamps lighten up the otherwise dark and somber spots. In addition to that, if you have art pieces positioned on the floor, the floor lamps will help highlight them and focus the attention too. 

However, you need to select a simple design that works in harmony with other items in the room. You can position it behind a dressing table or chair that can serve as reading or relaxing area as well. 

Bright Corners

You are lucky if you have ample natural light coming through the windows. By adding mirrors, you can amplify the light level in your room. The same philosophy can be followed for empty corners. Installing a freestanding mirror that is leaned or angled across the corner can make a shadowed or dark area lighten up. 

Final Word

Filling empty corners of your home can be tricky. The key to effectively managing such areas is by practicing simplicity and keeping things relevant to the room’s overall vibe. Anything either too overwhelming or too basic will defeat the entire purpose. Depending on the size of the room and the area where empty corners exist, opt for items that eliminate dullness and boredom. 

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