Regular Casinos vs. Online Institutions: Where to Invest

There are many niches on the market that will never lose their popularity. Gambling is one of them. A casino can become a great investment if made properly. However, with the development of new technologies, a new type of gambling institutions occurred: online casinos. Find out which kind will be more profitable in 2020.

To determine which type of gambling institutions is going to be a better investment, let’s determine the main criteria for comparison. Here are the main aspects to analyze:

  1. Funding
  2. Legal issues
  3. Convenience 
  4. Audience


When it comes to opening a regular casino, you will need an enormous amount of money to create a good offer. For example, an owner has to pay a high rent each month, as well as all the necessary equipment and salary to all the workers. An online institution is much less expensive. You will have to pay for software development services instead. With the variety of options, creating a good online poker software like should not be a problem. Of course, an owner would have to hire people for the online casino, but there is no need for a big team.

Legal Issues

It is definitely easier to get a license and register an online casino than a regular one. In the majority of the countries, offline casinos as forbidden. Unless you plan on opening a casino in Las Vegas, it is better to go for an online platform. Finding the right licensee is a common process nowadays. 


As we have already established, the process of opening an online gambling platform is more convenient and less time-consuming. Online casinos like Mafia88 are more convenient for the players as well. For instance, gamblers do not have to go anywhere to play. All that is needed is Internet access. Moreover, in those countries where regular casinos are forbidden, it is the only way to play poker or baccarat. 


There is no denying that online casinos have more customers than offline ones. The majority of good platforms offer an incredible visualization that creates that luxurious feeling of being in the casino. Furthermore, the payout percentage for online casinos is consistently higher. Players can use general statistics or even make your own. The uniqueness of online casinos lies in the loyalty program for users. The bonus system allows you to get maximum benefits, as well as additional opportunities for winning.

To conclude, the comparison of offline and online casinos has proven that the latter is a safe choice in 2020. The convenience of such platforms is what attracts more and more people. 

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