What You Need to Do to Prep a Video Production


Corporate videos help connect you with customers, clients, and employees alike. Unfortunately, sometimes the videos you produce may be no more than average. You may not even know why. Of course, you can only control what you can control. So let’s look at what you can do to improve your next corporate video. We’ll look specifically here at pre-production, as that’s often what can make all the difference. Some advanced work can reap huge rewards and lead to a far higher quality video. You’ll get the best results by employing the services of the video production companies Seattle. If you do decide to have a go yourself, however, here are four things for you to take into account when preparing your next video.

Your Target Audience

The first thing you do is consider your target audience. Who do you want to see your video? Employees? Potential vendors or B2B partners? Clients? Customers? C-Suite executives? What are their needs?

Considering your target audience, the best provider of Video production Toronto, can help you make the perfect video that you need- specially if you want to convey a message that clicks with them. It also helps in streamlining your pre-production process.

Finding Your Message

Once you’ve defined your target audience, you’ll need to consider what your video will say. Is there something specific you want your video to address? Is the purpose to announce some major news about your company? Is it something you want your target audience to learn more about?

Once you know the message you wish to convey, you’ll find it far easier to translate it onto paper when writing your script. You’ll want the actual shoot to have a purpose, as it’s far more time-consuming and far harder to work it out during post-production. Having your message ready in advance gives you an outline for the rest of the production process and using the services of a video production company.

Your Video’s Tone

This should largely depend on both your target audience and your message. Each of these elements should connect with the others.

Consider what tone might be proper for conveying your specific message to your target audience in a purposeful and tasteful way.

If you’re producing a video about your hip downtown office, for example, the tone should be upbeat and energetic. So the cuts should match the music’s uptempo beat, and you could also include some playful animations highlighting your key features.

How Your Viewers Will See It

Knowing where and how your corporate video is presented is crucial when it comes to planning pre-production. It can dictate what resources are needed for post-production and how you film your video during the shoot.

Consider what platform your video will be seen. Will it be seen on desktop computers? Will these computers be at home or at work? Will headphones be needed? Will it be seen during an event? Will the audience be able to hear it?

Take some time to consider the platform upon which you’ll be distributing your video on, and what influence that should have over your production choices.

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