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4 Pain Remedies that You Should Consider

Pain Remedies that You Should Consider

What causes feelings of pain?

Whenever you ask anyone about their pain, you’ll find that most people are complaining of back pain (especially lower back), neck pain, or sciatica pain. While pain manifests itself in each person in a different way and at various intensity levels, when we look closely at the factors out of which pain stems, we’re able to find some common grounds. Let’s go through a quick checklist to pinpoint what causes this pain for you:

1. Are you maintaining proper posture? Wrong form induces more stress on your neck and spine, resulting in a persistent pain in those areas.

2. Did you push yourself a little too far in a strenuous kind of workout? You might have strained a nerve or your tendons might be inflamed.

3. Does your work require a lot of heavy lifting, or any kind of strenuous physical activity generally? If you’re following a sedentary lifestyle, did you lift heavy objects or performed a sudden movement lately? If you’re not maintaining proper form, or your muscles aren’t strong enough, you might be suffering from strained nerves or disc herniations.

4. Are you under a lot of mental, or emotional stress in your work lately? The built-up stress can manifest itself in your body as pain.

5. Do you workout regularly, or is your lifestyle devoid of any physical activity? Sedentary lifestyles result in weak muscles that don’t protect the spine as they should.

Unless the pain stems from an acute form of injury, in which case you need to consult your physician right away, there are other ways to relieve your pain without taking any medications.  Find spine and pain center bowie md, they provide professional help in pain management.  Here are 4 alternative pain remedies to consider:

Chiropractic care

As Dr. Justin Dean explains the approach he takes as a West LA Chiropractor, saying that chiropractic care helps relieve sports injuries, disc herniations and pinched nerve pain into complete rehabilitation. Chiropractic care revolves around re-aligning the spine in its proper form, enabling the body to heal without any need for medication or surgical intervention. It’s not something you should do yourself, but rather, you need to find a specialized chiropractor to do the job.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy helps relieve the built-up stress in your muscles. Through stimulating certain pressure points, massaging deep muscle tissues, or using vibration, tapping, and essential oils, massage therapy resolves tension from your muscles. This results in the relaxing and soothing feeling of being energized and stress-free. As stress starts to build up again due to the daily lifestyle or following physical exercise, you’ll need another massage session to relieve the tension once again.

Low-impact exercises

A lot of our pain stems from physical inactivity, which makes our muscles too weak and places more stress on our spines. To make sure our muscles stay active and strong enough to endure any kind of effort while protecting our spines, it’s important to integrate some forms of exercise in our daily routines. You don’t have to go to the gym and start powerlifting, you can do as little as practice yoga, light-weight or body-weight exercises, and stretching your muscles.

Home remedies

There are many forms of home remedies you can  try that have been proven to help with sore muscles or neck and back pain. Some of these remedies are:

  • Applying hot/cold pads to the painful area
  • Applying pain relief creams
  • Rubbing essential oils such as lavender or evening primrose oils
  • Taking essential B vitamins for nerve pain
  • Maintaining good form and posture

It’s important to know what exactly is causing your pain, so you’ll be able to take the proper action to relieve it. While serious injuries require immediate medical intervention, when it comes to rehabilitation or chronic pain, there are alternative remedies that can help you in complete recovery. Through taking the necessary steps to relieve the pain, and by following preventive measures to avoid getting it again, you can enjoy living your life pain-freely.

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