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5 Ways To Use Affirmations To Better Your Life

5 Ways To Use Affirmations To Better Your Life

Being mindful of your current situation is key when it comes to making positive change. It can also be helpful to use affirmations consistently, in order to attract the things that you want from the universe. Affirmations are words and phrases that can help with manifestations, self-esteem, and improving confidence.

Many people use these like mantras when it comes to getting ready for the day or during challenging moments. If you want to improve your outlook on life on the whole, then it is worth introducing appropriate affirmations into your routine. For more detail on types of affirmations and the role that they play in your life, check out promptsfirst.com.

Consider the following ways that affirmations can be used and how they could fit into your life.

Choose What Resonates

Firstly, there is no point using affirmations that do not resonate with you. Make sure you find something that you feel a connection to, and that you feel like is relevant to you. This should be anything based on your long and short-term goals, and there are plenty that can be found online.

Similarly, it is also important to choose affirmations that are specific to your goals. Those who feel a connection to a particular affirmation are more likely to believe them, which can lead to the affirmations working. Your affirmations should focus on actions.

For example, someone who wants to improve their overall well being could use the affirmation “I am happy and surrounded by love” to attract positive energy.

Add Them To Your Routine

By introducing affirmations into your daily routine, it can easily become a positive habit. Some people like to say affirmations first thing in the morning, because it can help them get into a positive mindset for the day. Meanwhile, other people prefer saying their affirmations during the day when they are faced with certain challenges.

On the other hand, some people like to say their affirmations when they are showering, washing, or getting ready for bed in the evenings. Make sure you find a way to integrate affirmations into your routine so that you can use them more effectively.

Repeat Out Loud

For many, affirmations are the most effective when they are said in front of the mirror out loud. You could try this when you are getting ready for the day, doing your hair, or applying night cream.

It is much easier for most people to reinforce their affirmations when they are looking at their own eyes in the mirror. This is also ideal because it can help to improve your self-confidence over time. It is more likely that you will believe affirmations in this way, so it is certainly worth trying out.

Make Them Visible

Writing down affirmations is another great way to feel closer to your goals. You can leave small reminders of them for yourself around your bedroom or home. This could be by writing affirmations on sticky notes, and putting them in your car, office, in the kitchen, or anywhere that you spend time in frequently.

By constantly reminding yourself of your goals, it can help you to stay motivated and continue repeating affirmations throughout the day.

During Meditation

Consider using affirmations during prayer, mindfulness practice, or meditation. While repeating your affirmations in your head or verbally, it can help to visualize you achieving your goals or to imagine your affirmations being true.

This is an excellent way to feel closer to your goals, and to attract the right types of energy from the universe. For example, someone who wants to get into shape can visualize themselves slimmer or more muscular. Think about smaller things including how you want to feel as well as look.

Some people will only repeat their affirmations when they are praying or meditating. Even if that is the case, it can be a great way to connect with your goals and to visualize yourself achieving these in the future.


When it comes to practicing mindfulness, affirmations are great ways to visualize your goals and to figure out how you want to achieve them. It can allow you to weigh out the things that are important to you, and encourage you to work on yourself.

In this way, affirmations can help you to improve your outlook on life as a whole, and contribute to an increased sense of self-confidence. This can lead to a considerable improvement in your quality of life over time. Make sure you choose affirmations that are relative to your goals.

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