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How Easy Is It To Start Magic: The Gathering (MTA) From Scratch?

How Easy Is It To Start Magic The Gathering (MTA) From Scratch

Am I Too Late To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Area is an online card game that is taking the Internet by storm.

Unlike many other online games, Magic: The Gathering Arena is incredibly easy to pick up and you will be at no disadvantage for starting now, even though the game was launched over 2 years ago.

Anyone who has played the physical version of Magic: The Gathering will also have no problem picking up the game – as both versions share many of the core rules.

You will also find that an MTG Arena tracker will make the game even easier to pick up.

In this article, we are going to share with you everything you need to know to get started on this game today. Let’s jump straight into it.

Where Do I Play Magic: The Gathering Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Arena can be played online and on mobile.

If you want to play it on your phone then you should head over to the App Store, type in Magic: The Gathering Arena, and download the game.

If you want to play on your PC or Mac then head to the Magic: The Gathering Arena website. On the homepage, there will be a button that says play for free, click it, and download the game. Once it is installed you will be ready to play.

Your decks will be saved on the cloud so you can play from both your computer and your mobile if needed.

What Is Magic: The Gathering Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Arena is an online card collecting battle game. You can play it on both the computer and mobile.

The game is based on the card game Magic: The Gathering. In both games, the players take up the role of a planeswalker and battle other planeswalkers with their armies (decks).

Each deck is made up of around 60 cards and typically has a color theme, but it may also be themed around a species or a place. A player can make their own deck or use a pre-made one.

The players and their decks battle against each other to see who is strongest.

How Is It Different From Magic: The Gathering

MTGA is based on the card game Magic: The Gathering and they, therefore, have a lot of similarities. Anyone who has played the card game will have no problem picking up the online game.

The major difference between the two games is that MTGA offers a lot. The game is more modern and is based online allowing it to do things the paper card game could never dream of.

This includes seasons of themed and interactive content, worldwide tournaments, and rewards its players for winning games.

Free Cards

There is nothing better than free cards.

The more cards you have, the easier it is to build a good deck in MTGA. So take every chance you can to nab a free pack of cards.

We have gathered a list of codes below that you can enter in the Redeem Code box on the Store tab to get some free card packs:

  • PlayEldraine: Provides three Throne of Eldraine packs
  • PlayM20: Provides three 2020 Core Set packs
  • PlayTheros: Provides three Theros Beyond Death packs
  • PlayIkoria: Provides three Lair of Behemoth packs
  • PlayM21: Provides three 2021 Core packs
  • PlayZendikar: Provides three Zendikar packs
  • PlayKaldheim: Provides three Kaldheim packs
  • TryKaladesh: Provides one Kaladesh Remastered pack
  • These codes will give you a total of 152 free cards.

Building Decks

As we mentioned above, you need a good range of cards to build a good deck in MTGA. But what are decks and what makes a deck good?

Decks are the “army” that you create to battle other players in MTGA. Decks are always themed. They can be themed around a source of power, a race, a monster type, or even a place.

Most base decks are themed around one of the six types of power (or mana) – white, blue, black, red, green, and colorless. You need mana to cast spells and summon creatures to the battlefield.

To get mana, you need to have land cards in your deck. Around 60% of your deck should be land cards, maybe more if you have some very powerful cards in your deck.

MTGA comes with some premade decks, we recommend playing with these. They will help you understand how to buy a dynamic deck with good synergy.


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