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7 Innovative Ways an Influencer Can Make Money Online

A social media influencer is, au fond, a celebrity in their own right. While they may not represent Hollywood, nor do they have to be particularly talented, they still have millions and millions of fans. And, notwithstanding their lack of obvious talent, they have still managed to turn their social media accounts into million-dollar-a-year jobs. There are many ways an influencer can make money online and many applications that they can use. This page will tell you seven innovative ways that an influencer can make money online, and if you are interested, then read below!

Here are seven innovative ways an influencer can make money online.


Sponsorship is a tried and tested method of online moneymaking. It is perhaps the most obvious of this list, and the one influencers are most familiar with. There are, notwithstanding the number of influencers doing this, still innovative ways to become sponsored online. For example, some platforms do not ordinarily allow your social media bios to be changed or altered. If you can establish how to customize your TikTok URL, for example, which will be explained, you would theoretically be able to market to all of your followers, whereas your competition would not, owing to the scarcity of customized TikTok bios. 

TikTok occasionally allows for extremely popular online personalities to change their bio, and thereby they are able to market on the platform. To do this, you must become verified, which is not that difficult, providing you have the followers to warrant it. This enables you to sponsor brands on a platform wherein it is ordinarily very difficult to sponsor brands. This means your followers will not only be surprised to see a customized bio but will be more supportive of it financially, as they will have nobody else to support.


Affiliate marketing is another highly effective strategy that can be extremely beneficial when implemented by an influencer. It consists of the influencer receiving a customized link from a brand that they then begin to market. This link, when clicked and purchased from, give the influencer a percentage of the profits. Affiliate marketing is in its own right, an independent career that has seen many people make millions and millions of dollars yearly, and when combined with the career of an influencer, it is a highly effective moneymaking strategy that can ensure a huge income albeit somewhat passively.

Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue is a great way to make money online. Advertisements are everywhere on the internet, and if you are a streamer or a blogger, you can use them to your advantage. Advertisers will pay an influencer to have their advertisements listed on the influencer’s website. This can be a very lucrative source of income that ensures the influencer a steady stream of money coming in. When using ad-related revenue services on streaming platforms, the streamer will often keep up to fifty-five percent of the ad revenue. If you are an influencer and looking for a way to make passive income, then ad revenue could be for you.


A surprising number of influencers make their money from donations. Donations can be highly effective, and when given in abundance, can see the influencer making an astronomical amount of money. It is shocking, in fact, to the extent that people donate to their favorite influencers. If the influencer in question is a video platform streamer, they are likely to receive higher donations than those that are strictly social media-based. Many platforms exist that allow for people to make direct donations to an influencer with ease.


If you are an influencer with a significant follower-base, then it may well be worth designing and creating your own merchandise. The ‘merch’ industry is massive online, and your followers will very likely be terribly enthusiastic about supporting your online merch store.


Influencers, depending on their field, can also see large success by introducing their own online applications. If you are an influencer who focuses on fitness, for example, then by releasing your own fitness application, your many loyal followers will instantly purchase it and implement it into their daily workouts, thereby making you a huge amount of profit.


As influencers become more popular in the public sphere, they are more likely to become instantly recognized. Many television and radio stations have noticed this and are using social media influencers in their ad campaigns, launched on national TV and radio. If you are a particularly renowned influencer, then this may be the option for you; some influencers even make it into acting.


Now you know seven innovative ways for an influencer to make a steady income online. Making money online for influencers has never been easier than it is now, and now’s the time to become an influencer, with social media as its most popular.

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